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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I’m going to show you 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal. Whether you’re selling, remortgaging or just want to add some extra value to your home this post will help you to do just that.

For each of these 10 ways to create curb appeal, I try to give you an option that is budget and DIY friendly. However, depending on how much experience you have and how extensive you wish to go, you may need to hire out some help for a few of these options.

Why Curb Appeal?

10 Brilliant Ways to Create Curb Appeal by shows you how to revamp your homes exterior whether you're planning on putting it on the market or just wanting to freshen things up.

You might be wondering how to create curb appeal and why it is important to selling your home. This post will help you learn the basics of creating curb appeal as a result of showing you some great tips with alternatives to meet your budget and experience.

If you are selling your home this is an important topic to touch base on because you don’t want your home sitting on the market too long. Your home’s curb appeal is what is going to make the first impression on anyone viewing the house. Creating curb appeal gives you an advantage over other homes for sale in your area above all by creating an initial WOW factor the moment they pull up.

There is a lot that can be said about your home when someone walks up to the property. The exterior of your home is what everyone will see when driving by. If the inside of your home is absolutely gorgeous but the outside is shabby or dirty and in need of repair you can be sure it will be judged by its cover.

Luckily we have 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal that you can do to give your home a great long-lasting impression.

10 Brilliant Ways To Create Curb Appeal!

1. Maintain your lawn

A well maintained lawn speaks volumes. This is our first tip in the 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal post by

Edge your lawn. Simply edging your lawn gives it a crisp clean line making your homes initial impression one that says it has been well maintained.

Fertilize. While you’re at it remember a gorgeous green lawn goes a long way when creating curb appeal. Fertilize, water and cut regularly to keep it looking its best.

Keep in mind that a well-maintained lawn says a well-maintained home. If you struggle with the growth of your lawn then look into alternatives to grass (like mulch garden beds, rock beds etc.) or spring the extra bucks and lay some fresh sod.

We had a large area in our front yard that grass would not grow. To eliminate the sparseness we created a large garden bed and added in some lovely perennials. I cannot wait to get out there this year and spruce it up with some mulch and some new perennials.

2. Maintain flower beds

Do you want to create fresh curb appeal for your home? We have 10 amazing tips for you like maintain your flower bed. Keep it simple, use mulch and plant perennials. Come see all our great tips.

Keep your flower beds simple. Not everyone has a green thumb or has a love for gardening. Make sure to keep flower beds simple enough when looking to sell so that even an amateur can feel confident in maintaining your gorgeous arrangements.

Control weeds. Use landscaping fabric because it helps keep weeds out and at a minimum. Having flower pots sunk into the ground can also help keep weeds at bay and easily separate them from the rest.

Use mulch in your flower beds. Not only does it smell great but it has a nice clean look to it as well. One of my favourite things about using mulch in our flower beds is that it helps keep mud from splashing up on to our siding in heavy rainfalls.

Plant perennials. While they may cost a bit more you won’t need to buy new plants every year. Perennials are perfect for a flower bed because they are usually low maintenance. I really love Hostas and Lilies. Make sure you buy for your region and check if they need to be dug up in the fall otherwise they may not make it the next year. I’m lazy when it comes to fall pick up so I prefer ones that can be left in the ground year-round. Unfortunately our last few winters have been pretty hard on our gardens.

Use rocks to create depth and character. I have found so many great rocks from local farm rock piles but make sure you get permission before going onto their land.

Purchasing rocks can be quite expensive which I really cannot wrap my head around because I have grown up in rural areas and always stumble across them haha.

**Great fellow blogger tip to help with your curb appeal!**

However, Kerri from Mama Dares to DIY has an amazing tutorial to help resolve this expense. Kerri shows you how to make your very own garden rocks which can save you lots of time searching for the perfect addition and save you loads of cash purchasing them. Check out her Garden rock tutorial here. While you’re there be sure to check out her other great posts too!

Trim bushes and trees. Giving your trees a good trimming makes them look healthy and groomed. Also, make sure the area surrounding is clear of fallen leaves and dead twigs.

3. Clean sidewalks and driveway

Sidewalks and driveways see a lot of grime. Deep clean them with a pressure washer to make them bright again. Tip #3 from 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal by The Old Summers Home.

Pressure wash. Using a pressure washer to clean the sidewalks and driveway will make them much more appealing and welcoming. It helps clean up the walkway and remove any dirt that may track forth into your home as well. Even though we are not selling anytime soon I like to do this every spring and throughout the summer. It’s astonishing how much this keeps the dirt out of our home.

Sweep. Once your sidewalk has been rinsed clean help to keep it that way by sweeping it with a large push broom.

4. Clean your windows

Are you trying to sell your home? Is your home lacking it's lustre? Come try our 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal and get that house back on the market! This list includes some simple tasks as well like cleaning your windows and painting frames!

Having your windows clean will allow natural light into your home. Seeing dirt and webs on the exterior of your home can affect your curb appeal.

Spray and wash. I like to spray them off first then use my squeegee to get them nice and clean. You can see more about window cleaning in our Spring Cleaning post. The light will reflect the image of your yard and give it an illusion of being even larger.

Paint trim. Now that your windows are clean you can better see if they need some new caulking or paint.

5. Shut the front door!

Does your front door need a facelift? Try painting it a new colour and replacing your hardware. These simple cost effective updates will be sure to add some curb appeal.

Replace the front door or give it some fresh paint. This can help give your home a pop of colour making it more appealing to visitors. Being that the door is the first impression potential buyers will see, make sure it’s clean and inviting.

Add some new hardware to the front door. Replacing outdated doorknobs helps to increase the potential value as well. There are many beautiful new knobs and styles to try.

Add a new doorbell and chime. There are so many cute new doorbells you can get now. Some new options are equipped with a camera so you can see who’s at the door from the convenience of looking at a screen. This is a great sense of security and some of the elegant choices add character to your home as well.

6. Create a welcoming entryway

One of the greatest ways to add curb appeal to your home is to create a welcoming entryway using welcome signs, wreaths, potted plants and a clear pathway to your door. Check out more of our brilliant ideas at

Add some potted plants or shrubs. Place them on either side of your door to make it welcoming. I love seeing little shrubs in elegant or rustic pots near a doorway. There are so many great options to close from.

Add a seasonal wreath to your door. A wreath is inviting and charming as well. You can change them up with every season and just seeing them when you walk up will put a smile on your face.

Add some “Welcome”. You can also get cute door decals that say “welcome” or “hello”. However, I suggest not using these if you’re putting your home on the market. Alternatively, you can use a welcome doormat or a nice handcrafted welcome sign.

Clear the landing. Keep your entryway clear of clutter and toys. This will ensure no one trips and keeps it clean too.

Get creative and show some character. Remember if you are selling your home try to keep it simple and neutral. Use welcoming features that are easily removable.

7. Utilize good lighting

Does your homes curb appeal not Appeal to you? Then you need to swing by and check out our tips to create curb appeal you'll love. Tip umber 7 on this post is utilizing good lighting. To achieve this full potential come see our tips like update light fixtures and light walkways.

When creating curb appeal make sure you remember to think about lighting. What if a potential buyer drives by after dark? What will they notice?

Update light fixtures. Change out your old light fixtures with new ones. You can also give your old ones a fresh coat of paint.

Add solar lights. Why not create an ambiance of mood with solar lights near walkways and flower beds. Set your lights to focus on your yard’s best features.

Light walkways. Make sure you have great lighting so no one is lost in the dark while walking up to your home. This will prevent any trips and falls as well.

Having lighting focus on your house numbers also helps first responders to find your home in an emergency.

***Bonus tip upgrade those house numbers and let them really pop!***

8. Repair your roof

Are you struggling with curb appeal? Take a look at your roof! It is one of the first things people will notice if shingles are missing and flopping around. Your roof is important to protecting your home from thousands of dollars in damages. this tip will not only help give you a great start to curb appeal but will add value to your home too.

If your roof has cracked, broken or missing shingles it can really make potential buyers second guess your home’s potential before they even get out of their car. This can be an expensive cost if you are not able to do it yourself but the return on shingling a roof is worth it. Not only will it look great but it will protect the inside of your home from any damage as well. I really love the look of dark shingles they seem to add sophistication to a home.

Here’s a list of some things to check and consider:

  • check flanges on roof vents
  • check valleys
  • replace missing shingles
  • re-shingle if necessary
  • consider tin as an alternative to shingles

My husband used to be a full-time roofer so we have been able to save some big bucks. We had to rip off our lower roof, replace the rafters and shingle it because of an ice damn we encountered when we first purchased. It was quite a big job but doing it ourselves saved thousands of dollars. It also stopped our leak issues and saved much more damage from happening to our interior.

A new roof is an expense a home buyer does not want to look at in the near future so make sure yours is up to par before putting it on the market.

9. Upgrade your eavestrough (Gutters)

Are. you protecting your homes foundation? People often overlook their eavestrough when thinking of their homes appearance but a fresh coat of paint will not only help refresh them but you can also ensure that they are doing their job correctly at the same time. Find out more at

Install Eavestrough. If your home does not have eavestrough this is something you should seriously consider. It is quite essential to your home and if you are selling it’s a potential cost to new homeowners that they will have to endure. This could be a major setback in the sale of your home because of this added expense. If buying new is too much for your budget check buy and sell pages and habitat for humanity you never know what you may find.

Paint your eavestrough. Painting your existing eavestrough a nice fresh coat of white will help to make them look like new. If they are still in great shape there is no need to replace them. Make sure they drain well and have been installed correctly when rehanging if you remove them to paint.

Replace spouts. Replace any broken or damaged water spouts and ensure your gutters are nice and clean. Having good water runoff from your yard is essential to protecting your foundation. Sitting water may catch the eye of potential home buyers.

10. Update your siding

Replacing old siding can increase your home value immensely and make it more energy efficient. Find out more and all our other great tips at

Upgrading your siding will increase the value of your home. Not only does your home look more appealing and has a fresh facelift but it also increases energy efficiency. To get the full effects of energy efficiency make sure you fix any gaps and insulate if necessary as well as house wrap and seal it all up.

Replace the siding. If you have the know-how to install siding you can save yourself some money and increase the actual potential profit on this upgrade. However, you can get some quotes from a few professionals and see if this is something you can add to your upgrades.

Repaint the siding. Depending on what type of siding you have or perhaps your home is stucco you could consider looking into repainting your siding. Therefore if replacing is a cost that is out of your budget this is a great alternative.

Clean your siding. Maybe new siding or painting is not in your budget right now or your house exterior is in great shape. If that is the case pull out that pressure washer and give it a good clean to help it shine like new again.

Add some finishing touches. Adding soffit and fascia will help protect your home and looks so sharp when done. Consider replacing plug outlets also as they tend to break and crack over the years.

Which of these 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal tips will you try?

Once you have created some curb appeal your home will have a whole new inviting exterior atmosphere. Visitors and potential buyers will feel welcomed onto your property and invested in finding out what is on the inside of your home. These 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your home’s first impression but these are the ones I believe make the greatest impact. By breaking them down into different options I hope they can allow you to find a way to tackle each of them no matter your budget or experience.

Of course, don’t stop with these 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal. Make sure your property is hazard-free and anything in need of repair is done too (such as old gates etc).

If you love these 10 Brilliant Ways to Create Curb Appeal ideas check out these 15 amazing tips from George Apap Painting!

Share your curb appeal tips in the comments below!

Which of these tips do you think your home needs the most? Which have you tried and succeeded with? What other ways have you created curb appeal for your home? Drop a comment below and let me know! Have some suggestions you think I should add? I love new ideas! If you are a fellow blogger and have a great tutorial you would like me to add to this post let me know I would love to collaborate with you!

Thanks so much for joining us at The Old Summers Home today. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this post and hope you can use many of these tips. I look forward to doing a few more of these related posts in the near future so be sure to stay tuned.

Until next time;

Jenn Summers

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