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A guest post from Valentina Wilson: 10 Simple DIY Ideas for your Home Decor!

Please help me welcome Valentina Wilson as a guest blogger for The Old Summers Home. We are so excited to have her share her 10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas!

Home is where the heart is

And my heart is anywhere you are

Anywhere you are is home”

  – Elvis Presley

Yes, it’s truly said! Nothing can be compared with the serenity of coming to your wonderful little pad and unwinding with a cup of coffee in hand. Ah! This is a perfect gala time! What do you say?

You know, every little corner of your house reflects your personality. So, why not shake things up a bit and make your home look truly interesting?

Here are 10 easy peasy yet awesome & Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas for decorating your pad into a classy one!

1. Add a fancy lamp for a simple touch of old glamour to your decor

Adding lighting with a beautiful lamp is a simple idea to up your home decor!

Hey! How about bringing an elegant appeal to your home decor?

Yes, you heard it right! If you arrange the lighting properly, it’s gonna create a big difference. A simple looking lamp can be enough for that! Pick up a suave table top lamp for the corner table or the floor lamp for a corner. Trust me, it’s gonna be a place of ultimate comfort and decadence!

To make it a bit more cozy in the evening, you can add fairy lights or candles. How about spending quality time with your partner in this ambiance?

2. DIY old furniture to give it a simple new look for your home

DIY old furniture to add a classic new look to your home decor!

Most probably, you have heard about recycling waste products into a valuable one. But what if I tell you to recycle the old furniture of your home into a fantastic new one!

A little bit of DIY and creativity can transform trash into a fresh piece of furniture!

3. A Fancy-looking Mirror Can Make Rooms More Lively

10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas For A Fresh New Look 1 Add lighting style with a lamp 2 The Old Summers Home Today we welcome Valentina Wilson as a guest blogger with her 10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas to give your home a fresh new look! #5 is an amazing idea!

I would say, mirrors, especially large ones are the pillars of your home decor! Wait! I am not asking to invest a huge chunk of dollars to purchase a simple bevelled mirror!

Look into some thrift shops and antique stores. You may come across several refurbished gems that can make your room look regal!

4. Display your Photographs in Simple & Creative Ways

Adding photos to your home decor is a simple DIY project that adds a personal touch to your home!

Are you a travel freak?

If yes, you might be saving for the holiday season and getting your backpacks ready!

And clicking photos are an integral part of travelling. In fact, there are high chances that you love photography too!

You can cherish those wonderful memories you had during the tour! Besides, photographs can implicate many impromptu celebrations of your life.

So, you can certainly show your creativity while displaying these photographs. But putting photographs in regular frames is too old school! What your home needs are a dose of personality!

I bet, you are gonna filled with fun while doing a large frame for your cherished memories!

5. Dress up your Pad with these Simple Fabric Ideas for your Decor

Changing the fabrics in your home can help create texture and upgrade your home decor easily!

Have you thought of changing up your fabrics?

Trust me, it’s gonna change the look of your house. Change your cushion covers, area rugs, and curtains to give your space a new and refreshed look!

I would suggest you design your living room by layering different textures of fabric. This is gonna add an extra oomph to your living room!

6. DIY a Chalkboard Grocery List

DIY a simple chalkboard grocery list to add some instant personalized decor to your home!

Most probably, we all have forgotten to buy something from our grocery list at least once in our life! As a result, you might be shelling out more as you might not get the discount of bulk buying. So, you can stop wasting money by keeping a tub of chalkboard paint!

And at the same time, it can help you to beautify your kitchen! For that, you can paint one of your cabinet doors with black chalkboard paint. You or your family members can write down things that need to be bought the next time you visit a grocery store.

To make it look prettier, you can buy a cheap picture frame and paint the inside with chalkboard paint. Most likely, it is going to be the fanciest grocery list one can ever have!

7. Colourful Switchplates are a Simple DIY Decor Idea for your Home

Adding some simple detail and colour to your old switch plates is a simple way to DIY your home decor!

Switchplates are one of those things to which most of us don’t pay attention. But this tiny decoration can make a large difference to your home.

What if you add some colours to the switch plates to give them a new look!

Unscrew a switch plate and then sand them lightly. After that, you can give a fresh coat of spray paint in the colour you like!

If you don’t have a spray of the colour of your choice, you can cut the pieces of scrapbook paper which fits the plates and stick them on.

8. Revamp your Bookshelf to add Simple Home Decor

Getting creative with your book shelf decor can add a classic warm look to your home utilizing what you already have on hand!

If your bookshelf is disorganized, your entire room can look messy! The simple foolproof way is decorating your bookshelf!

Arrange hardcover books in descending order. That means, from the tallest to short books on most of the shelves.

Let’s say, you want to keep a book series. To distinguish it from other books, you can keep tall books as bookends.

Also, add some decorative items like pottery, framed photos on one or two shelves. You can leave a space on some shelves so the eyes can have a place to rest!

9. Try golden plant pots as a DIY Decor Idea

Using tin cans is a frugal way to add to your home decor with a rustic farmhouse look!

Do you have an empty tin can at home?

You can spray a golden or silver paint over any tin can for a rustic and elegant look! Simply convert them into indoor planters. You can certainly get some fresh air!

10. Reuse Christmas Decor as Simple DIY Decor

10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas For A Fresh New Look 2 Add lighting style with a lamp 9 The Old Summers Home Today we welcome Valentina Wilson as a guest blogger with her 10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas to give your home a fresh new look! #5 is an amazing idea!

Broken Christmas ornaments can make pretty mosaic tiles for anything like from a mirror to jewelry!

Turns out and colourful scraps of wrapping paper can be the perfect crafting material for you! You can use old wrapping paper to make collages or strings of garland.

If you have a metallic garland, you can keep it around for festive New Year’s decor. Or, you can reuse your Christmas decor by packing a festive gift for your loved ones with colourful tinsel.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these awesome & Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas to give your pad a fresh new look!

Today we welcome Valentina Wilson as a guest blogger on The Old Summers Home. We are excited to share her 10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas to give your home a fresh new look! #6 is an amazing idea! These ideas prove you really can decorate on a budget!

A huge thank you to Valentina for contributing these inspiring and simple DIY home decor ideas! We are so glad to have you as a guest blogger! Please make sure to check out her bio below and give her some love!

Which of these 10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas do you love?

We all love feedback and Valentina would love to hear which of these ideas have inspired you to get busy revamping your home decor! Drop a comment below and let us know! thank you so much for coming to The Old Summers Home!

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