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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I want to show you a recent addition to our Mudroom. Our Simple Family Gallery Wall and the 6 Stunning Ideas behind it! I have always had a love for gallery walls. When we did our mudroom/laundry room makeover we had a large wall with nothing to fill the space. It was destiny.

As you know I love to create decor, therefore, I decided this would be the perfect spot to add a little bit of family charm! And of course, it needed to be farmhouse and rustic! I knew from the beginning the type of story I wanted the Family Gallery Wall to tell. But, I also wanted to keep it simple so it did not take me a million years to complete haha.

Things to consider when adding a Family Gallery Wall

First off I think it is important to continue your homes overall vibe through your gallery wall. Our home style is rustic, farmhouse and I knew I wanted that to be a large part of this project. Otherwise, it would look pretty off in our mudroom where pallets, shiplap and repurposed wood are used for a large portion of the room makeover.

Second of all, you need to consider your space. This wall is quite large and allowed me to get creative and add several pieces of decor that scream farmhouse family charm.  You also need to consider that you want to be able to showcase your items without it getting too overwhelming and cluttered. For a large space like this, you can utilize a few larger objects, a few medium and a couple small.

Our simple family gallery wall with DIY projects and tips to complete . your very own.

Thirdly, you want your pieces to work well with each other and tell a story. I think I managed to pull this off quite well with the pieces I made. They each tell a bit about what our home is about and the people who live here. After all, this is our Family Gallery Wall!

Lastly don’t be afraid to add different colours, styles and textures. As you can see we have different colours of wood throughout this gallery wall. Some are more rustic than others and some are bold and beautiful. We utilize different shapes and many visual textures as well. Not to mention the wall colour is my absolute favourite addition to this room. It is bold and dramatic and looks amazing with the Cross cutout faith sign.

Bonus Consideration for your Family Gallery Wall!

When hanging a Gallery Wall ensure to use proper materials for hanging such as drywall plugs and hangers. Some of these items may be quite heavy and could damage the drywall if not done properly.

What we incorporated into our Family Gallery Wall 

Our Family Name Scrabble Project

I have seen so many scrabble projects over the years on Pinterest and I really wanted to add one consisting of our family members names. 

To make this project you first need to sit down with some paper and brainstorm. Figure out the best way to intertwine all of the names into one piece. It can be a bit tricky and there may be more than one way to do so. I suggest drawing it out and seeing which you like best.

Scrabble tiles are the perfect way to represent each member of your family

Then you will need to make your Scrabble pieces. I have a cut file in the shop that simplifies this step you can find it below.

Use a good wood thickness

I used thin pieces of cedar to make my squares. However, I would recommend something thicker if you would like to attach them all together in the end. Because my boards are so thin my method is a bit challenged. I had to glue and clamp them and they were still not very sturdy. So I then added the shortest nails I could find but they still pierced through in a couple of spots. 

Before attaching the squares together apply your lettering whether you decide to stencil or add permanent vinyl to them. I used my Silhouette Cameo and Oracle 651 in Matte Black. Once I transferred the lettering I began my glue clamping process. Then use a nailer or stapler to attach them. This is why I recommend a bit thicker wood, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing your tile wood.

Lastly, once everything was dry I attached a couple of sawtooth hangers being extremely careful not to split the cedar. Then I hung it up on our family gallery wall. I hung this piece first and then worked my way around it.

Reverse Canvas with Family and Home Quotes

Reverse canvas is one of the most simple ways to add some personalized home decor to your home. Get yourself some canvas and check out our Reverse Canvas Tutorial! We make it very simple for you to complete these beautifully framed pieces. Once you make one you will be hooked!

2+3= family for our five members of our family in a reverse canvas for our gallery wall

I choose 2+3= family to represent our family size, I love these two fonts used and the message behind this sign. It’s perfect for our gallery wall.

You can choose whatever design you like and add some story and passion to your wall. This is a quick and simple DIY project. Our shop has some beautiful designs that might work perfectly for you and yours. I can also make you a custom design to download and print and if you would like. Check out our shop for more details!

Reverse canvas 'The best journey takes you home' an addition to our gallery wall

There is just no place quite like home and I think that no matter where we go whatever journey, going home is the perfect ending. I want our girls to always know our home will always be open for them. the best journey takes you Home sign says this perfectly!

You can also make this project by printing on canvas with your printer or even print on paper. Once printed simply follow the remainder of the reverse canvas tutorial.

Rustic Family Initial And Number Sign

I had a bunch of small squares leftover from the old cubby I tore apart last year. These were absolutely perfect additions to our family gallery wall. The cubby had been white at one point and then a dark grey.

Sanding it brought out so much rustic farmhouse charm I was in my glory. I simply used my Silhouette to cut out my designs and applied my vinyl to my wood. Then I attached a sawhorse hanger and was able to hang to fill any gaps I liked.

S is for Summers done on a repurposed piece of wood

The family Initial is just a simple ‘S’ sign that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I absolutely love how it turned out. So simple and perfect. ‘S’ for Summers of course.

Five 5 sign on rustic wood for our gallery wall

The number sign is to represent the five of us in our home. These are quite popular. Choosing the font took me a while and I have used this font a lot throughout our house since.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord Cross Cut Out Sign

For this sign, I made it using all my leftover pieces from our farmhouse trim in our mudroom makeover. I save every scrap I can find that I think might be useful in a future project. The farmhouse trim had many perfect pieces left for this project. Because I wasn’t using full pieces and I like to stress myself out I created the cross cut out without actually cutting it out hahaha.

Our faith sign made out of left overs from our farmhouse trim used in this room makeover

First I gathered up every piece I had and laid my longest boards top and bottom. Then I fit in all the other pieces until I could somehow form a cross. A few trims and the cross was now in the wood pieces.

Next, I attached them to two solid upright pieces using some glue and a nail gun. I then gave it another coat of flat white paint to cover any dings in the process. The farmhouse trim scraps were previously painted with two coats of flat white. Then I transferred my design to the sign.

I actually used a completely different method than I ever have done for this sign. It is a great alternative for those of you wanting to make a painted sign without the use of a cutting machine.

Erin from The DIY Nuts has this great tutorial for transferring lettering without the use of any fancy stencils or cutting machines. This is the method I used for the "As for me and my house, we will sere the Lord" cross sign.

Erin from The DIY Nuts has an amazing tutorial on how to transfer lettering without the use of a cutting machine!

All you need is a printer, paper and pencil, then head on over to The DIY Nuts DIY Lettering Transfer post to learn just how to do it. Everything is broken down with visuals for you to follow along. This method is definitely great for those of you without a cutting machine.

After you complete the transfer, paint it in with your desired colour for the font. My painting wasn’t perfect but it still looks absolutely stunning!

Lastly, attach some sawtooth hangers and add to the family gallery wall.

Repurposing an old Mirror for our family gallery wall

Did you know adding a mirror to a room helps reflect light and make the room appear even larger?

The final item for this room was an old mirror I found at a garage sale. It had been a dark forest green and the hanging wires were broken on the back.

I actually did not notice the wood was broken where the screws held the hanging wires when I purchased it. Therefore, make sure you check items well when garage sale shopping. I’m incredibly grateful it broke before I hung it because it snapped as I was moving it. Phew, bad luck messy disaster adverted lol.

Repurposing an old mirror to match our decor and make the room appear even larger.

I simply spray painted it with several coats of flat white paint until it was nice and fresh. While the mirror was out one of my darling twins knocked into it with something and it cracked straight down the middle. Sigh, I was not happy I tell ya.

To repair the cracked glass I used wood glue between the crack and glued it to a piece of cardboard that was cut to the shape of the mirror. It worked rather well. However, you can still see the crack in the mirror but it adds a bit to the story to this wall.

The story behind the mirror

  • Why we can’t have nice things,
  • why we can’t even have rustic things,
  • we forgive and move on,
  • kids are a$$holes,
  • we have character,
  • we are not perfect and not afraid to show it.

The last step was to make it hangable again. I predrilled some new holes and used little triangle hangers on the back. I then tied a piece of wire to hang on the wall. For the wall itself, I made sure to use a strong drywall plug to handle the weight of the mirror.

Gallery Wall Item Files in the Shop

I love to make my own files and have them available for you in the shop as well. If there are any that you would like adjusted let me know. We can work together on creating what you are looking for. I have created every template used in our simple family gallery wall. Please feel free to reach out to me if one of the files is not in the shop.

The following are available in The Old Summers Home Shop:


2+_= family instant download perfect for reverse canvas

2+_=Family is a beautiful crisp piece of family decor. I have created options in the downloadable file to meet your possible family size. However, if your option is not available in the file please let me know. I can customize one to fit your family size! This file is available as a printable as well as a cut file with instant download!

Scrabble Tiles

Check out our scrabble wall tiles SVG. We make creating your own personalized scrabble wall art easy! Simply download cut weed and transfer to whatever boards you choose. Get yours from The Old Summers Home Shop! Perfect for a simple family gallery wall!

Our Scrabble Cut File takes all the leg work out of making your own scrabble pieces. No researching all the letter-number combinations and the sizing is complete and ready to use as well as adjustable. This has to be one of my absolute favourite pieces for our family as of yet. I would also like to make another project someday with the words ‘love home and family’.

Faith Sign

Prinatble and cut file for As for me and this house we will serve the lord

I wanted something to represent our family faith on our gallery wall and I have always loved this saying. The Cross cutout signs on Pinterest have always caught my eye! I used ‘Samantha’ for my font and created this gorgeous template for my custom Faith sign. You can download it in a printable or as a cut file if you own a cutting machine! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord is available in the shop! I used the technique The DIY Nuts used for their tutorial when I made this sign.

Simple yet Stunning Family Gallery Wall

This gallery wall still takes my breath away when I see it. I feel a lot of pride in this wall, not only for the items I created to make it. But for the family, I have and love, that this wall represents. I love that it resonates with the important facts about us and our home. It also makes a beautiful wall for us to gaze at while doing laundry. This wall provides us with a great reminder of what is truly important in life- Family!

A Simple Family Gallery Wall- 6 Stunning Ideas 1 Simple Family Gallery Wall The Old Summers Home Today we are showing you how to complete a simple family gallery wall using all DIY projects! Come add some personality and character to your home!

I hope you enjoyed the making of our simple family gallery wall and love our 6 stunning ideas!

Will you create your very own gallery wall? Do you have a gallery wall, if so what story does it tell?

Thanks so much for stopping by The Old Summers Home, I hope to have you again soon! To keep up with us check out our newsletter subscription and also get a free download from our shop when you sign up!

Until Next Time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home