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Hello and welcome The Old Summers Home I don’t know about you but I have been up late and up early watching for the best Black Friday Deals!

Today is anyone’s game really, I usually try to get my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday weekend. I’m a terrible procrastinator these days. I love to shop for great deals and I have to say I’m pretty good at walking away if I believe I can find a better deal somewhere else haha. Money is money and I work hard for it so I want it to go a long way! Therefore, I’m searching for the best bang for my buck!

There are so many sales going on it is crazy to know which flyer to even look at! I have gathered up a few of my Black Friday Favourite Deals and here they are for you!

Black Friday Deals At Antique Farmhouse!

Black Friday Deals At Antique Farmhouse!

My new favourite shop, Antique Farmhouse, is having a Black Friday Sale! I recently found this store and have fallen completely in love! Watch for their items coming soon to our Boutique!

Black Friday Deals At Cricut!

Cricut Black Friday Deals!

Check out all the Black Friday Deals over at Cricut! Huge savings mean more creating on a budget! These make great gifts for the crafter in your life!

Black Friday Deals at Amazon!

Black Friday deals on Amazon

Amazon has a lot of my wishlist shopping all on sale right now! I have grabbed my favourites to share with you!

  • Kitchen Aid Mixer $269!
  • 7 in 1 Instant Pot for $79.98
  • Get savings on Dewalt Tools the more you spend the more you save!
  • Shark Ninja Blender for $78.88!

Sasktel & Guy’s Furniture Black Friday Deals!

We are headed over to Sasktel today to finally upgrade our phones. I have been using my old iPhone 5 since my last one had a little accident with the mitre saw, oops my bad! I’m hoping to get one of the iPhones with one of their great deals. So far it looks like Sakstel has the best deals on phones with a plan. What’s better is Guys Furniture is right on my street so no running to the city for this girl haha! They have phones starting at $0 with the best monthly rates I have found, plus a $200 credit for signing up as a new customer!

Speaking of Guy’s Furniture, I hope to do a post on the new store soon but they are open for business in the brand new building and omg, drool, they have beautiful furniture and in farmhouse style too!!!! Anyway, their annual sale is on right now as well as Black Friday Deals & promotions so head on down and maybe I will see you there!

Share Your Great Finds!

Where are you shopping today? Are you out and about or online shopping? Do you have any good deals to share with me? We love to hear about the latest greatest deals so drop us a comment so we can shop with you too!I’m always searching for a great deal, if I stumble across any more today or by cyber Monday I’ll be sure to come back and edit this post!

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Here are our favourite Black Friday Deals we have found so far! What are you shopping for? Let us know!

Thanks so much for coming today. Stay safe out there Black Friday Shopping and see you again very soon!

Until Next Time;

The Old Summers Home