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Curb Appeal- 10 Brilliant Ways to Create It

Curb Appeal- 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal. The old summers home shows you 10 ways too create curb appeal to help sell your home and put it a step above the rest

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I’m going to show you 10 brilliant ways to create curb appeal. Whether you’re selling, remortgaging or just want to add some extra value to your home this post will help you to do just that. For each of these 10 ways to create curb appeal, […]

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Roast Beef Perfection

You don't need a slower cooker or a crockpot for delicious beef roast. This oven cooked recipe will have your family joining you for dinner every time you bring it to the table!

Growing up I never had a love for roast beef and I would only eat it doused in ketchup because it was so dry. Once I discovered how to cook the best roast beef recipe, I realized it was delicious! You’ll love my juicy and flavorful Roast Beef Perfection – just try it and see! […]

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New DIY Mudroom Entryway Bench featuring Shiplap Walls

Are you looking for a beautiful feature in your entryway? Our Mudroom/ Entryway bench featuring shiplap walls completely transformed our home. Now we have individualized compartments and lots of hooks and storage for our whole family. Come check out our before and afters and see the entire process at

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I will show you how we took our entryway from dark, dreary and chaotic turning it into a bright and cheery farmhouse nook with great organizational features. You will see how our Mudroom Entryway Bench featuring Shiplap Walls has completely transformed our home! Previously when you […]

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Spring Cleaning Our Best Tips

Spring Cleaning by theoldsummershome,com has helpful tips and favourite product suggestions as well as free cleaning recipes and an offer on our spring cleaning checklist to get you on your spring cleaning way!

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! We are finally starting to see some nice weather and it is inspiring me to start my Goal of Spring Cleaning! Today I’m going to share my best tips with you! Get ready to get your cleaning on. Spring Cleaning with a Joyful heart The thought of […]

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Wire basket tutorial- for Socks.

The wire basket tutorial is perfect for laundry room organization of lost socks. Brought to you by The Old Summers Home

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I want to tell you all about our crazy sock conundrum. First off what is it with companies selling children’s socks that have one matching pair in a six pack? Are they trying to make us all go insane? Sigh, I recently found these socks on […]

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The Reverse Canvas Sign! An Easy DIY Tutorial

Our Reverse Canvas Sign Tutorial makes sign making simple with 6 easy to follow steps! #ReverseCanvasSign #ReverseCanvasIdeas #DIYReverseCanvas #ReverseCanvasSignDIY #DIYSigns #RusticSigns #FarmhouseSigns #SignsForTheHome #HomeDecor #DIYHomeDecor

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite quick and easy projects, The Reverse Canvas Sign! Not only is this easy it can also be extremely budget-friendly! Sometimes we all just need a cheap and easy craft to beautiful our home. The reverse canvas […]

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Greek Salad – A family favourite

Our greek salad recipe is a family favourite in The Old Summers Home. Cooking with Jenn has you covered on this quick recipe!

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today we are doing something completely different on the blog, today I’m showing you how to make a Greek Salad! WHAT?!? Where did that come from? I love to cook and I have a passion for eating good food therefore I feel the need to share our […]

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Laundry Room Change Holder

Are you looking for small laundry room ideas? At The Old Summers Home we have many great ideas to add some DIY farmhouse charm to your laundry room. Like our Laundry Room Change Holder! Come see how to easily make your own!

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today we have a great laundry room change holder idea for you! While doing the laundry how often do you find coins in pockets or at the bottom of the washer at the end of the cycle? All the time around here! I used to put them […]

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Farmhouse Trim- Budget friendly

Are you looking for a budget friendly way to finish off your room? Look no further our frugal farmhouse trim tutorial from The Old Summers Home is the perfect solution. Add some rustic farmhouse style on the cheap. Visit to learn how

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! When redoing a room it can add up extremely fast. Especially the finishing touches. One large expense for a room can be the trim. Window, door, crown and baseboards- it all adds up quickly and can easily be a few hundred dollars. Today I’m going to show […]

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DIY Mason Jar Project- Toothbrush Holder

Our DIY Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder is a simple project that will take a few minutes to complete. We also have included a few of our favourite ways to accent your jars with farmhouse charm!

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I’m showing you a quick and easy DIY Mason Jar Project-how to make your very own Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder if you’ve got 5 minutes you’ve got time for this simple to do DIY! If there is one thing I have learnt since having children it […]

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No-Sew Lap Desk Tutorial

Our Quick & Easy No-Sew Lap Desk helps you to find comfort in any room of your house. Because it is lightweight and portable you can use it any where you go! #LapDeskDIY #LapDeskLaptop #LaptopDesk #WoodenLapDesk #LapDeskPillow #PortableLaptopDesk #DIYLaptopDesk #NoSewLapDesk #NoSewLapDeskPillow #NoSew

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Since I’ve started blogging I’ve been working on my laptop all over the house. Not always in the best postural positions. Today I decided I needed to make myself a no-sew DIY lap desk for my laptop. I asked for some opinions on Facebook and took what […]

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Kitchen Cupboards Update

Kitchen Cupboards Update by The Old Summers Home

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I’m going to show you how we updated our kitchen cupboards. We bought our home 8 years ago and at the time it had burgundy cupboards at the top and no doors. The colour worked with the previous owner’s decor. I personally found the cabinets too […]

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Farmhouse Shutters Tutorial

Farmhouse Shutters Tutorial By The Old Summers Home

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I’m going to show you my latest addition to the mudroom/laundry room series. These beautiful Farmhouse Shutters are so simple to make and a perfect window treatment alternative. I knew I wanted something that would blend well with the newly renovated space but that would also […]

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DIY Mop/ Broom Holder

Mop & Broom Holder Featuring Bless this Mess Check out our printable in The Old Summers HomeShop

Hi there, welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I’m going to share our super easy DIY Mop/ Broom Holder with you. It is even quicker if you own a Silhouette, Cricut, or another cutting machine. If you are tired of searching for your broom and mop or don’t have a convenient place to store […]

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Cheese Grater Up-Cycle

Do you have an old cheese grater laying around ready for the trash? WAIT! Check out this DIY Inspiration and create some decor with a purpose! This easy to do cheese grater up-cycle makes a beautiful farmhouse style vase and towel holder. the perfect addition to your farmhouse kitchen decor! Come and see how it is done at The Old Summers Home.

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. I have mentioned this before and probably will a million times on this blog hahaha…. my favourite thing to do is repurpose and give new life and meaning to old things. This cheese grater up-cycle is one of these projects. So if you have an old grater […]

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Farmhouse Grocery Sign Tutorial

Farmhouse Grocery Sign Tutorial 4 Farmhouse Grocery Sign Tutorial The Old Summers Home Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home; a home decor and lifestyle blog! The lastest greatest recipes and trendy DIY tutorials at your fingertips!

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Since we built our pantry we have yet to finish off the area and I really wanted to add a farmhouse styled sign to the wall portion above the door. I settled on making this Farmhouse Grocery Sign and I’m so pleased with the end result! It adds […]

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Command Centre – A Picture Frame Up-Cycle

Coomand Center from an old picture.Featuring a chalkboard

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I want o talk a bit about family life. When you have a family, life can be chaotic and very busy!  It can be hard to remember every appointment and social event coming up when you’re constantly on the go. The solution? A Command Centre! Having […]

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DIY Glitter Chart

Take your crafting game to a whole new level with our DIY Glitter Chart! This is the perfect way to display all your glitter options at tradeshows or easily send a picture to your online customers. Come and see how easy it is to create your very own on The Old Summers Home!

Hi and welcome to another post from The Old Summers Home. Today I want to share a quick DIY project with all you crafters out there. If you love glitter then you will love this quick and handy little DIY Glitter Chart. But Why A DIY Glitter Chart? Some of you may be wondering what […]

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