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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. I can not believe it is almost Christmas and I need all the perfect gift ideas that I can get. Therefore, today I want to share with you 7 Christmas Tree Ornaments that make perfect gifts for your loved ones!

A few years ago I had my own little gift shop based out of my home. These are some of the most popular Christmas Tree Ornaments we sold. So if you are a crafter getting ready for tradeshows or wanting to craft your own personalized gifts this year check out these 7 amazing Christmas Tree Ornaments. I hope you love them and become inspired.

Supplies For All Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a list of supplies you will need for all of the following ideas. There may be additional supplies needed as well and they will be listed under each Christmas Tree Ornament Idea. Once you have gathered up all your supplies you can head on over to each ornament’s tutorial and see how it is done!

Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornaments

These Unicorn ornaments are every little girls’ dream! Vibrant colours in vinyl and colour set these apart from all the other ornaments on the tree! Bring some fantasy to your Christmas Tree this year with these simple yet beautiful ornaments.

Additional Supplies:

  • glitter
  • polyacrylic

Follow our Glitter Christmas Ornament Tutorial to make your very own!

Our beautiful Unicorn Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for the unicorn lovers in your life!

TIP: Personalize your Christmas Tree Ornaments with a name in a beautiful script font on the back to make them extra special!

…And God Gave You Wings- Christmas Tree Ornament

A sentimental ornament that helps to keep loved ones lost memories alive during the Christmas Season. These beautiful Angel wing Ornaments steal the show against a stark evergreen.

Additional Supplies:

  • Angel Wings
  • Krazy Glue

Follow our Angel Wing Ornament Tutorial To make your very own!

Losing a loved one is hard these "...and God gave you wings" ornaments are a beautiful Angel Wing Christmas favourite for your tree.

TIP: Add a year to your Christmas Tree Ornaments on the back to mark sentimental years & dates!

Grad Tassel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Graduation Christmas Ornaments are very simple to make and a great way to memorialize a recent grad student. These were the idea of a customer of mine and it really took off. No one knows what to do with those grad tassels after graduation. If you leave them lying around the children may rip them apart. Speaking from experience, sigh.

Additional Supplies:

  • Grad Tassel
  • Pliers
  • Punch

Follow our Graduate Tassel Ornament Tutorial to make your Very own Commemorative Ornament

Our Graduate Christmas Ornament is a beautiful thoughtful way to commemorate the grads and an easy gift idea for your Christmas List.

TIP: Sometimes black & white are all your Christmas Tree Ornament needs to make a statement!

Rocking Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament Idea

These Rocking Reindeer add a hip and cool dude vibe to your tree! These look amazing done with dark and light glitter. The possibilities are endless! Personalize on the back with the name and or year!

Additional Supplies:

  • glitter
  • polyacrylic

Follow our Glitter Christmas Ornament Tutorial to make your very own!

A rocking reindeer is a great way to add a cool dude element to your Christmas tree.

TIP: Use ribbon to colour coordinate an element on your Christmas tree Ornament!

Too Precious for Earth- Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our too precious for earth ornaments mean a lot to me and to those I have made these for. These mark the passing of a lost child or dear loved one with elegance.

Additional Supplies:

  • Angel Wings
  • Krazy Glue

Follow our Angel Wing Ornament Tutorial To make your very own!

Too precious for earth is a personal favourite of my Angel Wing Christmas Tree Ornaments.

TIP: Keep ribbon simple when making elegant ornaments!

Our First Christmas As-Christmas Tree Ornaments

Everyone loves to commemorate a ‘First’ Christmas whether it be a marriage or a baby’s first. Heck, I have even done a First Christmas Divorced haha. Glitter Ornaments are the perfect way to bring these to life.

Additional Supplies:

  • Glitter
  • Polyacrylic

Follow our Glitter Christmas Ornament Tutorial to make your very own!

First Christmases are a big thing why not commemorate them with a custom glittered ornament for your tree!

TIP: Use wire ribbon to add a simple beautiful bow!

Your Wings Were Ready Christmas Tree Ornaments

We think about our lost loved ones all year long but it is especially hard at Christmas time. The ‘Your wings were ready our hearts were not’ quote is a beautiful way to memorialize them.

Additional Supplies:

  • feathers

Follow our feather-filled Tutorial to make your very own!

Your Wings were ready but our hearts were not Christmas ornaments memorializes those lost to us.

TIP: Buy gift boxes at the dollar store to make an impact and keep these new treasures safe year-round!

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Are you a glitter hoarder like me? Check out our Glitter Chart Tutorial to make life simpler! The post also includes a link to where I get all my gorgeous glitter too!

Our 7 Most Popular Christmas Tree Ornaments is our personal collection of best selling items we offered in our shop and now we teach you how to make your very own too! Join us for the full tutorials and lets DIY Christmas together!

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We hope you all have a beautiful, love-filled Christmas!

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