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Hello and welcome to The Old summers Home! I’m so excited to share a DIY project with you all again! Today I’m showing you our DIY Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar Tutorial! This has to be one of my favourite projects that I have completed for our kitchen. I love to create projects that have a purpose as well as adding some stunning decor. I have seen these all over Pinterest but I was never able to find a tutorial so now I want to show you how you too can make your very own!

DIY Flip Stir Whisk Supplies

  • a piece of wood approximately 4″x 30″
  • wood glue
  • wood stain
  • Nitrile gloves
  • rags
  • white chalk paint
  • Polyurethane quick dry spray paint
  • 3 mason jars
  • spray paint
  • twine
  • lettering ( I used Oracle 651 in matte black with my cutting machine)

DIY Flip Stir Whisk Tools

  • Mitre saw or hand saw
  • Table saw or circular saw with a guide
  • Sandpaper and sanding block or palm sander
  • Nail gun and nails
  • Cutting machine if you are cutting out letters yourself

Building your DIY Flip Stir Whisk Base

Sanding equipment you may need for your DIY Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar set

Cut the wood

Your first step in this process will be to cut your wood to the appropriate size to fit your jars. If you are having your hardware store cut your wood for you make sure to measure your jars together and allow a bit of extra room for them to have space in between each jar before heading off to the hardware store.

For my pieces, I cut the 4-inch wide board into 2 12 1/4 inch lengths and one 4 3/4 inch length. Then I had Josh use the table saw to cut one of the 12-inch pieces and the 4-inch piece in half down the centre to create approximately 2-inch width boards that will be the sides.

Sand the pieces

Using my palm sander and some high grit sandpaper I gave them all a good once over on the cut sides. You can also use a sanding block if you do not have a palm sander. I used some finishing wood so I did not have to be extensive with my sanding.

Once you have completed sanding use a damp cloth to remove any saw dust.

Assemble Flip Stir Whisk base

Preassemble all your pieces together and ensure they all fit with no gaps or ends sticking out. If they do not fit nicely either trim or sand until they are the right lengths.

Apply wood glue along one long edge of the base and line up one long piece use a nail gun to attach in place. Repeat for the second side.

Apply wood glue to the three sides on each end of base and nail into place. Repeat for final side.

Stain your base

Before you open your stain put on your nitrile gloves so you don’t stain your skin too. Open and stir very well making sure to scrape the bottom really good. Use a rag and apply a little bit of stain. I like to use a minimal amount and wipe it in really well as I go. It dries much faster because of this. After the first coat dries apply a second coat.

Rough paint your Flip Stir Whisk Base

Now, this is a technique I very well may have made up hahaha. I have an overwhelming flaw of not remembering to wash out my paint brushes, sadly I have ruined some really expensive brushes. Then I had this crazy thought that maybe I could create a rustic look with them and that’s how I came up with Rough Painting! It is now one of my favourite ways to give farmhouse pieces some rustic love.

Take your unwashed paintbrush and use your hands to break up the rock-solid feel of it, push it onto a hard surface and brush back and forth until bristles are somewhat freed apart.

Dip your dry paintbrush into white chalk paint however, don’t get too much paint on it. Brush onto your wood lightly back and forth until you transferred it off of brush Then roughly brush back and forth spreading the paint until it’s thinly distributed.

Repeat for all sides of the base. The Rough Painting technique does not require any sanding to distress and is pretty much instantly dry.

Decorating your Mason Jars

Decorating mason jars with different colours of paint and adding a twine bow

Prep the Mason Jars

I decided I wanted to use three different jars for my set however you can use all matching if you prefer.

Wash your jars out thoroughly, if they are pre-used jars like mine you may need to soak them with some vinegar to eliminate the smell.

Let them air dry well.

Paint the mason Jars

Once dry place upside down on some cardboard or piece of scrap fabric. I chose to do mine in three different colours so I did one jar at a time. Start with a very thin first coat don’t worry if it doesn’t have full coverage. Allow to fully dry.

Apply a second coat a little bit thicker and allow it to dry. Do not spray to heavily or too close otherwise, you will end up with drips. Once dry repeat.

Distress the jars

Once the paint has dried well take a small piece of sandpaper and rough up some of the paint on spots that would get wear with regular use. Also, sand any writing on your jar to help get the lettering to really pop. Wipe off any dust.

Add a rustic touch

You can add a single piece of twine to your jar to add a little rustic touch to your jar set. I simply tied a bow around the mouth of my mason jars.

Add Flip Stir Whisk writing

You can choose to hand write your lettering on our finished base or if you have a cutting machine you can use your favourite font and cut out some Oracle 651 in matte black as I did.

If you are hand lettering finish with polyurethane after you have completed your lettering. If you are choosing to apply vinyl spray and allow to dry prior to adding your lettering!

Sealing your base is important because these are in the kitchen and grease will get on them and attract dust so don’t skip this step unless you really like to scrub haha.

Our DIY Flip Stir Whisk Tutorial by The Old Summers Home helps you create your very own utensil holder!

Utilize your DIY Flip Sir Whisk Mason Jar Set

Flip Stir Whisk A DIY tutorial by The Old Summers Home. A photo of our finished set.

Once everything is dry you are ready to use it. I chose to place mine in my window sill next to my stove so it is conveniently within reach at all times. Out of all the home decor projects I have made this is one of my absolute favourites and gets so much use!

Thank you for joining us today for another DIY project. I hope you enjoyed our DIY Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar Tutorial and make your very own too now that you know the process. I would love to see what you come up with! As always if you have any questions about this project feel free to contact us or drop your question in the comments below! If you loved this tutorial I’m sure you will love our Farmhouse Grocery Sign Tutorial another project where I utilize the rough painting technique.

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Until next time;

Jenn Summers

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