Hi and welcome to another post from The Old Summers Home. Today I want to share a quick DIY project with all you crafters out there. If you love glitter then you will love this quick and handy little DIY Glitter Chart.

But Why A DIY Glitter Chart?

Some of you may be wondering what in the world would I want or need a Glitter Chart for. Well, I used to make a lot of custom orders using glitter (glitter stemmed wine glasses, Christmas ornaments etc), therefore creating a chart simplified my options for customers.

A lot of customers would simply say pink and I would try to show them all three options of pink that I had in stock. Sometimes lighting was an issue and the glitter would appear darker or even brighter than the others. By creating a Glitter Chart on white cardstock, it made the appearance much easier to photograph. 

Having the glitter options named also helped me narrow down what colour my customers actually wanted rather than guessing which image they preferred from a photograph they had seen. 

Having a Glitter Chart takes a lot of guesswork out of it all. No more guessing which pink shade and no more struggling to find samples of your glittering work to showcase to your potential customer.

Once you have yours done make sure to take a picture of it in great lighting and save to your camera roll on any devices you may forward to a customer from.

This is such a simple project that you can take with you to tradeshows or send a quick pic of to your online customers. You can display it in your Etsy shop too!

DIY Glitter Chart Completed

DIY Glitter Chart Supplies

  • 2 sheets of cardstock
  • Permanent marker
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Various glitter colours
  • A cutting machine such as a Silhouette (optional)

Where to get your glitter!

When I first started my search for glitter I tried Walmart glitter and it was just awful, it is very coarse and flaky, not to mention not very pretty. Michaels had some glitter that was nice and fine but so very expensive and I soon knew I needed to find a great place to buy bulk!

I found the perfect Canadian buy-in group right on facebook! This glitter is absolutely amazing, perfectly fine and SO many options. I quickly became addicted and my glitter inventory grew. When you are creating glittered wine stems and Christmas ornaments you need a nice fine glitter and this is exactly what you are looking for. Join the group and start browsing. Prepare your list and jump in on the next buy-in!

Directions to make your DIY Glitter Chart

Step 1- Write your options

You can use any colour of cardstock you would like but by the same token ensure your glitter options won’t clash. I chose white for mine so that my colours would show up well.

Using a permanent marker and my pen holder for my Silhouette cutting machine I wrote my options onto my cardstock. If you do not own a Silhouette or other machine with this ability you can simply write them on or use a stencil. I used my machine because I wanted it to be more professional than my writing skills allow haha.

Make sure to space them out to allow enough room for a square underneath where you will apply your glitter. Take a picture of your order or jot them down so that you know which one goes where in step 4.

Glitter options written on cardstock

Step 2- Cut your glitter stencil

Holes cut into second piece of cardstock

I then used my cutting machine to make some small squares underneath each colour option.

You can use an exact-o knife to cut the squares if you do not have a machine. Simply use a ruler to make  1×1 inch (or whatever size works for your chart) squares and then cut them out.

Now tape your second piece of cardstock on top of the cardstock with your glitter options written on them.

Step 3- Apply Mod Podge

DIY glitter chart step 3

Once you have them lined up and taped take your paintbrush and apply some Mod Podge to each square. It’s ok if you overlap onto the top cardstock, it is just the stencil for your glitter.

Step 4- Add your glitter

Glitter your chart

Now sprinkle a little bit of each colour onto each Mod Podge square. Reference your picture or list from step 1 to be sure you’re putting them in the correct order.

Now remove your tape. Very carefully lift your top piece of cardstock straight up. Try not to tip it or any remaining glitter that did not stick will fall onto your chart.

Step 5- Admire your DIY Glitter Chart

DIY Glitter Chart Completed

Remember to take a picture of your DIY Glitter Chart in great lighting and save it to your camera roll! 

Once your chart dries then you can place it into a clear page protector, which will limit the glitter from falling off. Now your DIY Glitter Chart is complete.

This is such an easy project that truly simplifies your glitter choices. I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY project. If you would like to learn more about using your Silhouette then please feel free to contact us and I’m sure we can come up with some quick tips to share as well.

I truly recommend using a Silhouette Cameo to increase your sales in Christmas craft shows. This machine can create so many amazing crafts. Once you get the hang of it you will be creating endless amazing projects that can help you earn some cash. Best of all it is so fun to use and so easy to create with. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for following us here at The Old Summers Home! Now get your glitter on and happy crafting!

Until next time,

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home