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DIY Tutorials & Home Decor

DIY Tutorials & Home Decor

Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home. I love to create new home decor and in this category, I will show you my favourite completed DIY decor projects and tutorials. Everything from the laundry room to kitchen upgrades to little knick-knacks to create your own personalized decor touch!

The Old Summers Home Decor & DIY Tutorials

Adding a personal touch to your home with an easy DIY decor project is the perfect way to make your house a home and on a budget too! When you create something for your own place you can add unique details that you want. Customizing decor makes it all worth your time and energy and really speaks volumes about your personality. Not to mention the pride that you feel when you make something absolutely beautiful with your own two hands. You can also find our easy outdoor DIY projects here too like our Raised our Garden Pallet Project or our Cast Iron Bench makeover!!

Because I love Decor so much I want to share our easy DIY tutorials with you so that you too can create and learn a few new ideas. I love to find cheap and easy decor ideas that I can whip up in a snap because life is busy and kids are expensive!

When renovating and remodelling you have the perfect opportunity to change up the vibe and feel of your home. These are what I did to create my own rustic farmhouse decor. You will find our home renovations, makeovers and tutorials here as well. I hope you find these easy step by step home decor & frugal DIY tutorials helpful. Keep on the lookout as I will keep adding more and more.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of renovating and you live in Saskatchewan head on over to JS Overhaul Contracting and let us take care of all the work for you!

I hope you are inspired to get crafting and creating some budget-friendly home decor from our easy DIY Tutorials. Happy crafting!

Until next time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home

Feather-filled Memorial Ornament For The Christmas Tree

Our feather-filled memorial ornament are the perfect way to commemorate your lost loved ones on your Christmas tree.

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I’m sharing another Christmas ornament in the last of our DIY Christmas tree ornament series. Our feather-filled memorial ornament is a great alternative to our Angel Wing Ornaments if you are unable to find any wings. Feather-filled Memorial Ornament Supplies Feathers Clear Christmas Ornament Cricut or Silhouette Vinyl […]

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