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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I’m sharing our easy fall pumpkin patch, a rustic looking craft for the kids! In fact, this was a craft our entire family was a part of! I hope you love it and try this cute craft out too!

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Pumpkin Patch Fall Craft for the kids

Gather wood slices for craft

Josh made me some wood slices awhile back from a tree removal job and an idea sprung into my head when we found them in our yard during our scavenger hunt. I thought they would make an easy fall pumpkin craft for the kids!

Gather some wood slices in various sizes.

Josh used his chainsaw to make me these wood slices however you can purchase them on Etsy or in craft stores like Michaels! To be frank, knowing how much wood we already gather every year for heating I’m leaning towards a wood slice business after seeing those prices!!!

The wood slices can be anywhere from an inch to 2-inches thick and whatever diameter you desire or have on hand. We used some large ones approximately 10-inches and some small ones around 3-inches.

Gather Craft Supplies

We gathered up whatever acrylic paint I could find to mix together to make a beautiful orange for our Pumpkins. We did this all outside just in case it got a bit messy!

Get paints and sponge brushes ready

A few shades of red, a couple of yellow, one metallic bronze and orange is all I have on hand. Using a recycled sour cream container I mixed it all together with a bit of water to create more volume.

It actually took a bit of time because our orange had gotten quite thick and needed to be mixed very well. Once we had the perfect fall orange we were ready for the next step.

Our three kids all wanted to paint so we also gathered 3 foam brushes for this fall craft.

Clean the wood slices

The wood slices we intend to use for our pumpkin fall craft have been stored in our yard and have gathered some dirt on them over time. Using an old stiff paintbrush I cleaned off any residue.

Our wood slices are cut from greenwood, therefore, they were still damp. I thought it might make this fall craft even more interesting. because it would make the wood two-toned!

Kids Painting their Pumpkin Fall Craft

I gave each girl a sponge brush and let them get at it! I poured a bit of orange paint in the middle of each wood slice and they spread it out covering the surface. They did 3 large and 3 small each.

The twins were enjoying themselves immensely all while their cynical older sister kept saying “These don’t look like pumpkins, how are they going to look like pumpkins?”

One day I hope my eye for creating something from nothing will encapsulate her brilliant mind. She is ever so creative already I can’t wait to see what she will do as she gets older!

Pumpkin Patch Fall Decor is the perfect way to get the whole family involved! Grab some wood slices, paint and the kids and let's get crafting!

Adding stems to the Kids Fall Craft

For the smaller wood slices, I used my Dewalt to drill a small hole in the tops of each slice.

We had the kids paint a few little twigs with green acrylic paint to add as stems.

Those twigs will get inserted into the freshly drilled hole on top of wood slice, nice and easy!

We topped them off with Cucumber leaves from the garden. They were perfect for adding to our kids fall pumpkin patch craft!

Kids Fall Pumpkin Patch Craft on Display

This easy fall craft for kids gets the whole family involved in creating a cute little pumpkin patch perfect for your fall front porch decor!

Once the paint is dry display them wherever you want to add some colourful decor we use them on our front porch. You can see more of the display we created in our Front Porch Decor for Fall blog post.

Will you try this easy fall craft for kids?

Thank you for joining us today and I hope that you and your littles will get the chance to try this Fall Craft that is so easy the kids can do it. Well, besides the chainsaw and drilling hahaha. This is a great family project and we all had lots of fun outdoors creating it! Be sure to check out our DIY Fall Decor Centrepiece for another great project using things you can find in nature!

Until next time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home