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Easy Recipes- Cooking with Jenn

Easy Recipes For Busy Moms & Entrepreneurs

Welcome to The Old Summers Home! Being a mom of three, running two businesses with a serious DIY addiction means I’m constantly on the go. I want our family to eat healthy easy meals and I know that is not always easy! I want to make your life easier, therefore, I’m now sharing my Easy Recipes for busy moms by a busy mom!

Easy Recipes for Busy Moms by a Busy Mom!

Our Cooking with Jenn Category features Easy Recipes for Busy Moms by a Busy Mom

Our Cooking with Jenn section features easy recipes for busy moms by a busy mom. I have added a twist to these easy recipes to make them even more delicious than the first time we shared them at our dinner table. I’m a girl who loves good food (who doesn’t?)!

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Just like all things DIY, I love to put some love into my cooking. I find a great recipe and I add my own twist. When we go out and experience a great meal I come home and try to recreate it! I have become a pretty tough food critic over the years and nothing is more indulging to me than a great home-cooked meal.

Bringing Back the Joy of Cooking, with Jenn

Cooking doesn’t need to be boring, it doesn’t need to be something you just have to do! Join us at Cooking with Jenn and add some fun easy recipes to your family home-cooked meals and some happiness to your taste buds! My easy recipes will make your weeknight meals so much quicker and tastier.

I want to help bring back that joy of cooking and meal prepping by sharing my love of cooking with you. There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than sharing great food with my family. I hope that our favourite easy recipes become your favourites too!

Thanks so much for joining us today to see what we are hoping to aspire with our Cooking with Jenn series. Now that you know what we hope to achieve sign up and head on over to our Greek Style Oven-Baked Rib Recipe and get started! Stay tuned for all our family’s favourite easy recipes! I’m so excited to share them with you and help you make mealtimes easier!

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Until next time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home

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