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Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! One of my very favourite things to do is to take something old and turn it into something new. When I look at something that maybe just doesn’t work for my style or need anymore I try to think if I could repurpose or give it a makeover. This Cookie Jar is one of those things, we hardly ever used it. It sat high on the back of the shelf for months and months on end. I was about to toss it when I realized Santa was removable! And so begins our Farmhouse Cookie Jar tutorial…

The Old Summers Home Farmhouse Cookie Jar Makeover, the perfect way to refresh your kitchen countertops!

Farmhouse Cookie Jar Before The Makeover

This is what our cookie jar looked like to start with. Now don’t get me wrong it has an adorable Country Home Christmas vibe to it that is great and all. BUT we have 6 months of winter in Saskatchewan ;)I don’t need another reminder! ( Not literally but it is too long!)

Our cookie jar before the up-cycle, very Christmasy and only relevant on the counters during the Christmas season.

This Christmas jar needed an upgrade and some year-round use. So I pulled it off the back of the shelf and begin to inspect it and where I should begin. Because this Cookie Jar is designed especially for the Holiday season it has been formed that way in its process and is not removable. The snowflakes also would show as well.

How to Up-Cycle Your Own Farmhouse Cookie Jar!

Prepping the Cookie Jar

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First off, I started with washing the jar inside and out making sure I gave it a really good scrub. Ensuring your jar is free of any debris, such as oils, is essential when you are going to paint. Many paints suggest using a cleaner such as TSP for this reason.

Cookie Jar Up-Cycle tutorial

I removed the old plaid bow from the top and slowly and carefully removed Santa so that my children did not let out their horrific screams as they watched on in horror. 😉 Later we used him for a Christmas wreath the girls and I made as a craft together. After that, I made sure to scrape off any of the residues from the glue that remained using a razor blade scraper. There is a hollow spot from removing Santa, therefore, that has become the back of the cookie jar haha.

Time to give your Cookie Jar some Fresh Paint

I love to use Rust-Oleum 2X ultra cover spray paint for a quick perfect finish. For this project, I used Satin Blossom White and Rust-Oleum Chalked in Serenity blue. These paint colours are perfect for creating your farmhouse cookie jar and adding black font at the end will pull it all together!

I took the soon to be farmhouse cookie jar to the garage to give it a few fresh coats of spray paint. All the while being careful not to spray the inside of the jar. I also removed the rubber seal so that it did not get any over-spray on it (it simply just slips on and off).

Spray painting the cookie jar up-cycle as well as a few other pieces for kitchen and bathroom. Flat white is a great way to bring on farmhouse appeal.

When spray painting I always spray a very light coat to start with to ensure that I do not get any runs or drips. It does not take long to dry when you do light coats so you can quickly add your second, third and fourth coats. I painted the cookie jar in the flat white and the lid in the serenity blue. As you can see below I spray painted a few more things at the same time. I may or may not spray paint everything haha.

These great spray painting tips are essential when doing home decor projects. See more great ideas at The Old Summers Home.

Making the Farmhouse Cookie Jar Decals

Meanwhile, I went inside to use my cutting machine (a cutting machine is a machine that is much like a printer. Instead of printing things out it uses a small blade to cut different mediums. You can cut different types of vinyl, Cardstock and even fabric to name a few. There is much more to this machine but just a tidbit so you know what I am talking about).

I love fonts and have so many to choose from. This one I already had in mind from my other kitchen decor projects. So I just wrote it up, sized it and cut it out on matte black oracle 651(a permanent adhesive vinyl that lasts years).

I knew this font would be perfect for my Farmhouse Cookie Jar!

Adding the Label To your farmhouse Cookie Jar

Once the jar is good and dry, (I think I waited a day or two), apply the vinyl. I like to eyeball where I want it to be rather than marking it up with a pencil line. That is a reason why I only use clear/transparent contact paper or transfer tape when applying decals.

If you do not have a cutting machine (and not in the market to buy one soon) there are still some options available for you.

You can order custom decals or you can make your self a stencil and trace it onto the jar, then paint it in. Or if you have a steady hand you can freehand it.

Completed Farmhouse Cookie Jar up-cycle and kitchen soap dispenser makeovers

Farmhouse Cookie Jar Shop the Look

Don’t have a cookie jar needing an overhaul? No problem! These are our favourite cookie jars that you can purchase online and in-store!

Farmhouse Cookie Jar

Farmhouse Cookie Jar available at Walmart. This is the perfect cookie jar for your farmhouse kitchen!

I absolutely love the look of this Farmhouse Cookie Jar from Walmart! Walmarts price is unbeatable making this beautiful farmhouse style cookie jar perfect for every budget! I might need to get one for my secret cookies hahaha.

Heritage Hill Cookie Jar

Heritage cookie jar speaks general store making it yet another beautiful farmhouse cookie jar that will even thrive in a modern touched kitchen.

This Heritage Hill Cookie Jar is airtight and absolute perfection! Large enough for other items when the cookies run out and they are always running out here in our home! Not only is this cookie jar perfect for a farmhouse kitchen with it’s ‘vintage vibe’ but also goes well in a modern touched kitchen too

Enamel Kitchen Canisters Set

This beautiful Enamel Kitchen Canister set is perfect for your farmhouse Kitchen. Get yours at Antique Farm House!

Y’all have three guesses why I love this set so much, and the first two don’t count, haha. The elegance of this Canister Set is incredibly eye-catching and makes perfect countertop decor! Of course, given that it’s my favourite farmhouse style, that probably stole my heart too! Either size would make the perfect farmhouse cookie jar!

Apothecary Jar

Apothecary jars seem to find themselves in many modern kitchens these but the clear glass also makes it extremely versatile for every kitchen style.
Farmhouse Cookie Jar - a Quick and Easy DIY Project 1 show?id=TMLH1ogbiqA&bids=452872 The Old Summers Home Creating a beautiful Farmhouse Cookie Jar for your home has never been easier. With our 4 step tutorial, you can up-cycle your cookie jar into farmhouse decor!

This Apothecary Cookie Jar is perfect for a modern look that ties into every kitchen. This reminds of an old general store which makes me really love these for all things kitchen storage!

And that folks, is all there is to it. Now you need to go bake up some of your favourite cookies and fill your latest addition. Someday I will add our favourite Chocolate Chip Cookies to our Easy Recipes Section but until then be sure to check out our other great recipes like our Sugar Cookies! Enjoy!

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The Old Summers Home farmhouse cookie jar, the perfect way to refresh your kitchen countertops!

I hope you enjoyed Farmhouse Cookie Jar Up-cycle. This simple project adds an elegant farmhouse element to our kitchen countertop. It is no longer hidden away until the Christmas Season.

Beautiful Mason Jar Measuring Set perfect for my farmhouse kitchen. If you love mason jars this is a great addition to your kitchen!

Recently I came across this beautiful mason jar set and my husband surprised me with my own set. They go absolutely amazing with the colour scheme of this cookie jar and our kitchen!

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Farmhouse Cookie Jar - a Quick and Easy DIY Project 3 h5s7m0?vd890ed88b3a28c805acc70e1a88fa27c The Old Summers Home Creating a beautiful Farmhouse Cookie Jar for your home has never been easier. With our 4 step tutorial, you can up-cycle your cookie jar into farmhouse decor!

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