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Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Since we built our pantry we have yet to finish off the area and I really wanted to add a farmhouse styled sign to the wall portion above the door. I settled on making this Farmhouse Grocery Sign and I’m so pleased with the end result! It adds such a beautiful rustic look to the area and it was such a quick project to make.

Farmhouse Grocery Sign

Farmhouse Grocery Sign Instructions

Prepping the wood

We had a piece of Oak plank left over from our kitchen Island top. It had a split down the one end therefore it was in the scrap wood pile. Other than the crack its a perfect solid piece of oak. I applied some wood glue into the split and clamped it until it was good and dry. It was already the perfect size for what I wanted so no need for me to cut it. I gave it a quick sand with 100 Grit sandpaper and followed with 220 grit. Make sure to wipe off any sawdust you may have accumulated before heading to the next step.

Staining the plank

My first coat of stain is dark walnut by Minwax. I always wipe it on with a rag and wipe off the excess immediately. I love this technique because it dries extremely fast and I can see the end result of the colour immediately. Then I applied ebony by Minwax using the same technique. This is one of my favourite colour combos when using stain. Within half of an hour it was ready for my next step.

Distressing Your Farmhouse Grocery Sign

I like to use Rust-oleum Chalked paint in white for distressing. By dabbing a dry brush lightly into the paint and removing any excess paint you can create a rustic look. Lightly brush onto your stained piece until your brush is dry. Then go back over the area making sure to really rub the paint into the stain finish. This is how you will create your distressed barn wood look. Ensure your brush has very little paint on it to achieve this look. I prefer to use old paint brushes that have become stiff as I find they seem to be better for providing the rustic appearance. Once that is dry go ahead and apply a thin coat of polyurethane spray paint to seal it off. This step may not be completely necessary but I like to protect my wood and it does help with making dusting easier.

Creating my stencil

Grocery Sign with stencil applied

I made my design using a simple farmhouse font saying GROCERY in silhouette studio. You can use whatever font you like or if your really creative go ahead and freehand it! I cut it out with my cutting machine ensuring to leave excess around the sides. This would be my stencil. I weeded out the parts of the stencil that I wanted to be seen on my sign. I then transferred my stencil to my wood plank ensuring it was on very well especially around the letters. If you do not have a cutting machine you can print out your words and trace onto your board, purchase a stencil or free hand draw and paint.

Painting The Farmhouse Grocery Sign

Stencil removed farmhouse grocery sign painted

Start with a very light coat of Rust-Oleum Spray paint in black. Make sure to spray your first coat lightly to prevent bleeds and any runs or drips. I continued to do a couple more very light coats until I had the colour thickness I desired. I chose not to make it completely solid black so that it also had some rustic features to the font. If you look closely at this picture above you can see the weathered effect I was able to create. I always remove my stencils while the paint is still partially wet because I seem to get better results than I do once my paint has set.

Hanging the Farmhouse Grocery Sign

After it was dry I predrilled and countersunk where my screws would go into the studs of my wall. The Oak plank is quite heavy therefore I opted to screw directly to the wall rather than using a hanger. Now go ahead and screw it into your studs. Take a step back and admire your new Farmhouse Grocery Sign!

Our completed DIY farmhouse Grocery Sign hung above our kitchen pantry

Mine now hangs above our built-in pantry and I absolutely love the distressed farmhouse look! Love this post? Be sure to check out all our other DIY posts like the Knock Off Restoration Hardware Book Set or our Cheese Grater Up-Cycle! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time,

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home