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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today I want to share with you some of my all-time favourite items for cooking in the kitchen, I think these are the perfect gift ideas for cooking lovers!

Some of our gift ideas can be found in stores while others can be made using our tutorials. These are my personal favourites.

7+ Gift Ideas for Cooking Lovers by the Old Summers Home. I have taken my favourite cooking tools and crafts and rolled them into a quick gift guide perfect for all the cooking enthusiasts in your life! #GiftIdeas #Mother'sDayGifts #GiftsForMom #GiftsForChefs #Cooking #KitchenGifts #DIYGifts

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Cooking Lovers Gift Guide

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker gift idea for cooking lovers #Mothersday #AffiliateLink #GiftIdeas

For years I had no idea what i was missing! I love to buy these little chickens that are frozen, they are a great price and the perfect size for my family.

When we cook them from frozen it is a very long process until we were gifted this pressure cooker.

In all honesty, I thought it could not be right. Cook my chicken in 1 hour ya right, it takes about 3 hours if not more to cook it in the oven for it to still be moist.

I about fell over the first tie when my chicken cooked perfectly i one hour and juicy as all could be. And I did it again, and again, and again! Perfect every time. This is a game changer for busy moms and last minute meals!

Pressure cookers range from $100-$300 dollars for a standard home model.

KitchenAid Mixer

The large KitchenAid Mixer has long been on my dream list #GiftIdeasForCookingLovers #AffiliateLink

I do not have one yet but this KitchenAid Mixer has been on my radar for far too long. This is truly every chef, baker, and cooking lovers’ ideal gift!

I vote this the number one of our gift ideas for cooking lovers!

One day one of these will be the star of my kitchen.

Right now every time my family asks me to bake bread I say “I would totally bake bread… if only I had a KitchenAid Mixer!” Hahaha.

This mixer is priced at $499 and has been discontinued after sold out. On average these sell for about $699 depending on how big you go. (psst Josh I want a really big mixer haha).

KitchenAid hand Mixer

KitchenAid hand mixer in mint is my favourite addition to my kitchen small appliances. #GiftIdeasForCookingLovers #AffiliateLink

I do however have this beauty! The KitchenAid Hand Mixer.

I can be hard on mixers especially when I’m baking cookies and this little dude keeps up with the toughest jobs, just not quite enough for that bread though Josh, just saying!

This mixer goes beautifully with my kitchen decor like my flip, stir, mix project! This is a perfect choice from our top gift ideas for cooking lovers.

This mixer goes on sale for approximately $50 regular $80.

Rolling Kitchen Island

Antique farmhouse presents this beautiful rolling kitchen island.
#GiftIdeasForCookingLovers #AffiliateLink

This rolling kitchen island is made by the ever so awe-inspiring Antique Farm House. I love all their stuff and they always have tons of amazing new things.

They also have a Mother’s Day Box deal for $50. This surprise box is perfectly curated for moms!

When choosing from gift ideas for cooking lovers every cooking lover is seeking the right amount of space to roll out some dough and store all their favourite items!

My Quick & Easy Recipes Cookbook!

Quick & Easy Recipes eBook Cookbook

I recently launched my Quick & Easy Recipes Cookbook, this eBook cookbook (also available in a printer-friendly format) has 50 of our favourite recipes and my greatest tips and tricks to make family cooking easier!

What cooking lover doesn’t love a cookbook?!? Grab yours today and get one for all your favourite busy moms!

The eBook is $9.97 ($6.97 with coupon code Mom) and the eBook + Printer-friendly pdf set is $12.94 (9.94 with coupon code Mom).

Crafty Gift Ideas for Cooking Lovers

Are you crafty? Then here are a few of my favourite kitchen craft projects for your gift ideas for cooking lovers!

Flip, Stir, Whisk Mason Jar Set

A DIY Tutorial by The Old Summers Home. This Flip. Stir. Whisk set is so easy to make. The perfect mason jar tutorial and perfect project for all your kitchen utensil storage. #FarmhouseDecor #MasonJars #Utensils #KitchenDecor #DIYProjects #GiftIdeasForCookingLovers

Our flip, stir, whisk mason jar set is completely customizable and so easy to make for your cooking lover! All you need are a few jars, a couple of pieces of wood, some spray paint and tada!

I also used this tutorial to make canisters for my kitchen too! Now I have my flour, sugar, oats and cocoa right at my fingertips!

Total cost of this project is under $20 depending what you have on hand if you are buying 3-4 colours of spray paint your price will go up. ($6-10 a can).

Cheese Grater Up-cycle

A bit of paint and some distressing turns an old cheese grater into this vintage-looking vase-towel holder perfect for any kitchen! A simpleDIY project by The Old Summers Home

I already told you I’m hard on mixers but I’m even harder on cheese graters. I should contact Guinness World Records ’cause I’m sure I hold the title for breaking the most cheese graters, just saying!

But low and behold I found a use for at least one in my home! I gave it a bit of paint and distressed it to turn it into this vintage-looking vase-towel holder perfect for our kitchen!

Total cost for this project is minimal depending what you have on hand ($0-$15). My cost was zero besides the price of replacing another cheese grater haha.

Mason Jar Measuring Set

Beautiful Mason Jar Measuring Set farmhouse kitchen

Last year I shared this with my audience and Josh ordered me a set, woohoo! I really love this set and think it goes great with my teal kitchen and all my minty decor.

You can grab yours on amazon I would share a link but it changes quite often. My set is made by Comfify. If you type in mason jar measuring set it will pop up!

This mason jar measuring set is approximately $22.00.

I hope you love our gift ideas for cooking lovers!

7+ Gift Ideas for Cooking Lovers by the Old Summers Home. I have taken my favourite cooking tools and crafts and rolled them into a quick gift guide perfect for all the cooking enthusiasts in your life! #GiftIdeas #Mother'sDayGifts #GiftsForMom #GiftsForChefs #Cooking #KitchenGifts #DIYGifts

I hope you were inspired to find the perfect gift idea for the cooking lovers in your life! If you are a cooking lover yourself I would love to hear what your favourite gift idea is! Drop it in the comments below.

If you would like to learn more about our recently launched cookbook head on over to our info page Quick & Easy Recipes Cookbook.

Thank you for coming!

Until next time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home