JS Overhaul Contracting offers services from renovations to new builds as well as many others in between. We are located in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan and serve the surrounding communities.

Welcome to the JS Overhaul Contracting Website Page! Here we hope to inform you of our services offered and also a bit behind the company and its team. You will also find contact information and see some of our latest projects.

Services offered by JS Overhaul Contracting


Soffit and fascia are not only one of our expertise at JS Overhaul Contracting but is a great way to upgrade your home and eliminate moisture. Soffit and Fascia can help increase your home value as well as prevent damage to your home by providing proper ventilation and weather protection. It also gives your home a whole new polished look.


Homes are constantly being affected by weather and all the elements that are thrown at it consequently really giving homes siding a beating over the years. Upgrading your siding can help enhance curb appeal and also increase your home value. When done right siding will help cut costs on heating too!


Roofs are one of the most important protection elements of a home. If your roof is not keeping moisture out then you are in for a world of new troubles. We offer metal roofing as well as shingling.

Metal Exteriors

Metal is durable as well as long-lasting. It can withstand the weather and looks amazing when done properly. At JS Overhaul Contracting Metal Exteriors is one of our expertise and certainly something we take pride in!


Having a new deck is a great opportunity to enjoy your yard like never before. We work with you to provide exactly what you need and to also meet your budget.


Fences provide privacy and safety for your family, therefore, we want to make sure that is our number one concern when designing one for you. We take pride in building you a beautiful new fence that will also fit your family’s needs!


Do you have trees that are in your way? No problem give us a call and we will get them cleared out for you. Trees can cause damage to roofs and when you need a roof done it is sometimes best to clear it our so you do not run into that problem in the future again. We also do trimming and other yard work!

Projects that inspire!

Garage Overhaul By Js Overhaul Contracting

This garage went from old and leaky to bold and beautiful. Replacing windows and adding a complete metal exterior to the sides and roof transformed this old building into a beautiful garage and as a result, much more structurally sound. The owner tells us people think they had a new garage built because it has been so transformed! This is a job well done.

A garage overhaul done by JS Overhaul Contracting. New windows, roof, siding, soffit and fascia

A Fence Project By JS Overhaul Contracting

This beautiful fence was added to this once open yard to add a bit of privacy to the back alley as well as some extra security to the yard. The gates are done by using a notching to help keep the weight at a minimum. Brown treated wood gives this fence a beautiful finishing touch.

Beautiful brown treated fence to add privacy and security enclosing yard alleyway access.

A Deck Project By JS Overhaul Contracting

A beautiful wrap around deck done in brown treated wood accents the gorgeous rough sawn wood beams on this brand new cabin! This deck is done with horizontal railing giving a modern fresh look.

A beautiful wrap around deck done in brown treated wood accents the gorgeous rough sawn wood beams on this brand new cabin!

Cedar Siding By JS Overhaul Contracting

The beautiful Inn on the 10th has had quite a bit of work done recently. We came to add the gorgeous cedar siding to the two-storey turret allowing it to match the front accents of cedar already there. If you are looking to add an accent feature with a wow factor this cedar siding is an amazing option!

The beautiful Inn on the 10th receives a makeover on it's two-story turret giving it a fresh new upgrade to match the cedar accents on the front of this gorgeous B & B.

Meet the Team Behind JS Overhaul Contracting

JS Overhaul Contracting is a family orientated team that strives to provide you with the best services possible to meet your needs and your budget!

Josh Summers is a co-owner/operator of JS Overhaul Contracting. He has been working in construction for 15 plus years in many different avenues from roofing to siding, soffit, fascia to metal exteriors for that reason he is literally a Jack of all trades and willing to take on the job for you.

Jenn Summers, Josh’s wife is co-owner of the company. Jenn has a love of building and designing which can be found on The Old Summers Home Blog. She can be found working alongside her husband on job sites.

Josh makes sure the projects are structurally sound and figures out the details behind the designs. Together they can tackle any project and get it done. They work together extremely well and are a great team!

Together they have three little girls who inspire them to work hard and get out there. They are quite busy little children who love to learn about power tools and building things with their mommy and daddy too!

Where we live

Spiritwood, Saskatchewan

Spiritwood is a small rural community in Saskatchewan located between the Battleford’s, Meadow Lake and Prince Albert. This diverse little town is surrounded by many rural communities and lakes. It is the perfect place to live with its small community feel. Everybody knows everybody which consequently helps to build relationships and strength for the families of the community. There is much to see in Spiritwood and the surrounding areas. We are close to many lakes and parks, therefore, the perfect location for summer vacations and limitless snowmobiling trails in the winter.

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