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An easy and frugal way to update your kitchen is by repainting your cupboards. Try removing your cupboard doors to create a more open modern feel to the area.

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! Today I’m going to show you how we updated our kitchen cupboards. We bought our home 8 years ago and at the time it had burgundy cupboards at the top and no doors. The colour worked with the previous owner’s decor. I personally found the cabinets too dark and the kitchen always seemed gloomy. I love to cook and cooking in a bright cheery room is a lot more inviting than a dark gloomy room.

Freshly painted Kitchen cupboards

My love of fresh paint!

A couple of coats of fresh paint can change the entire feel of a room. It is a great way to incorporate your own style and personality into a room. It’s a simple change if you decide you need something different or if it doesn’t work out quite how you want. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen cupboards let alone your home.

Kitchen Cupboards Before Picture

The before picture of our kitchen cupboards when they were dark burgundy.

Is the idea of an open concept for you?

When thinking about removing your cupboard doors there are some things you need to consider. Do you want to remove all doors or leave a few as an enclosed space still? What do you store in the cupboards now? Will it be the same items? And if so will you want people to see them? How will you display items for convenient use? Are you comfortable not being able to hide away chaos sometimes?

For us, this decision was already made. Unless we ordered in new cupboard doors we were working with the open concept. I actually love it but it does get messy and doesn’t always look neat. In a way, it drives me crazy but it also motivates me to not store garbage we don’t need in the cupboards.

Clean it Out!

I started the process by packing away all the items in the cupboards. While packing I put items we no longer used into separate boxes to give away. Getting this step started first gave me some motivation to keep going. I also repeated this step after the fresh paint was complete.

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Kitchen cabinets collect grease from cooking and dust loves to stick to grease. The paint will not adhere properly to grease, therefore, you need to give the cupboards a really good scrub. Use TSP to help you cut the grease and grime if needed.

Time for Prime!

Our cupboards were very dark, to begin with, so I used two coats of flat white primer over the entire area. Even with just the primer on I knew I was going to love it.

White prime all over to get ready for our  kitchen cupboard update

Add some pop to kitchen cupboards!

After the primer dried I added teal (I believe the colour is Cyan Sky by Beauti-Tone) to the back wall of my cupboards. I love this colour so much and feel like it brings such a pop of colour to the kitchen. Later I decided to also do an accent wall in this colour.

Teal added to the back wall of cupboards already in love with this new kitchen cupboard upgrade

White I say, White!

Once the wall colour dried I taped it off and began to paint. I very quickly was at a standstill! Something did not look right at all. The white was not ‘white’. Well, it was white but not the white I wanted and looked awful with the teal. Read that three times fast haha.

Oh no! When using teal make sure you use bright white and not off white yikes

To tape or not to tape?

After a quick trip to town for some new paint, I put on a few coats of flat white semi-gloss kitchen paint. I then removed all my tape and of course it leaked. Sigh. I don’t know why I waste my time taping. Whether I use wide or narrow I always have some sort of bleeds no matter how hard I rub it onto the wall. I usually just edge it all by hand and it ends up going faster in the long run. So because I had taped and it leaked I took a tiny paintbrush and touched up all the tiny imperfections. They were quite noticeable given that it was white on teal. Thankfully my touchups saved the day. The Kitchen cupboards looked great.

Kitchen Cupboards Painted

Loving the teal and white combo on these upper cupboards! The fresh paint makes the kitchen so much brighter

Put it all back!

Keeping in mind what I wanted to show and what I wanted to hide I arranged my dishes back into the cupboards. I also tried to make sure things I used the most often were in the most convenient space. This has changed a few times already in the three months since completed. I’ve always added little bits of decor to my cupboards so I did this once again trying to find pieces that would go well. Found a few great fins at Value Village too! There is a basket for all our mail and school art etc. and. another basket for our miscellaneous items and pens for taking notes. This helps keep everything we use daily in easy reach and still neatly hidden.

Kitchen Cupboards Completed!

Kitchen Cupboard Update a simple refresh to your cupboards.

Our kitchen is much brighter now thanks to our kitchen cabinet update. I also extended the paint makeover to the walls in the kitchen area. I painted a wall where we have a large window flat white and an accent wall with the same teal. I’m always amazed at how much a few coats of fresh paint can dramatically change a room. If new kitchen cupboards are not in your budget consider giving them a quick update with some fresh paint.

We replaced the broken light fixture with a chandelier I up-cycled which increased the brightness a lot as well. The new curtains I made for this area helps brighten it up as well. I have plans for the countertop and the base cabinets as well. So many plans so little time haha. Once I complete those I’ll be sure to share on the blog as well. The Kitchen upgrades will be happening for awhile slowly but surely so make sure to follow along.

Thank you for joining us today; I hope you enjoyed our Kitchen Cupboards Update. One of my latest favourites is our Farmhouse Shutters post, I hope you love that one too!

Until next time,

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home