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You’ve worked hard to make your house a home and with a few simple tips and tricks you can make the front of your home magazine-worthy.

The front of your house is the first thing people will see so you want to use it to make a statement. It should look beautiful and inviting. There are lots of low-maintenance front yard landscaping ideas that can add beauty and curb appeal to your home.

We’ve gathered up loads of simple landscaping ideas to inspire and motivate you. Dust off your work gloves because you’re going to want to implement several of these landscaping ideas for front of house today!

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Corner of The Yard

If you’ve got a corner lot or just a corner where the driveway meets the road, this is the perfect spot to beautify your front yard.

This corner garden is loaded with petunias, zinnias and a few low boxwood shrubs that will look beautiful all year round. A nice dark mulch (this is the exact kind I use in my own yard) helps to keep the weeds at bay.

You’ll want to keep your lawn looking top-notch as well, so as not to detract from the overall beauty of your yard. Be sure to dethatch your lawn to help your grass stand up straight. (This guide to dethatching your lawn will tell you all you need to know.)

Adding a few large rocks is an easy way to define the border of your small garden and also adds a nice natural touch. Alternatively, you could skip the greenery and just have a low maintenance rock garden to fill in small spaces!

This wooden fence really steals the show, don’t you think? A split rail fence along with hostas, verbena, impatiens and a wooden wagon give a classic look that’s perfect for a country home.

Fenceline Landscaping

A fence is a great way to keep some privacy, but planting or decorating your fence line can help it to look less repellant and more inviting. Add some small evergreen trees and some ornamental grasses of different heights to break up the straight lines of your fence and add to your home’s curb appeal.

A stone retaining wall is a great way to add beauty to a fence line. Fill with soil and plant ornamental trees and bushes to bring in some natural elements.

Ornamental trees and wildflowers are always a good idea add a pop of color along a white picket fence. And can we talk about the beautiful home garden design here? I love how the roses just demand attention from anyone passing by!

Want to add a bit of privacy and yard division without a full fence? Try this! Vinyl lattice-top fencing and small bushes add privacy and security, yet remain aesthetically pleasing.

This is one of those easy DIY projects you can complete in a weekend without a lot of hard work! Add larger shrubs on the ends to extend the privacy a little further.

Water Features

Water features are pretty, soothing and inviting to birds and butterflies. Adding a low-maintenance water feature adds charm and interest to a front yard.

Adding a low-maintenance water feature adds charm and interest to a front yard, as well as a focal point for any flower gardens.

Here are a couple of my favorite front yard design ideas with water features. 

A whiskey barrel planter is a non-permanent portable solution for adding a water feature to your front yard or patio. Add some floating planters with green grass plants, or even pop in a few colorful flowers for a fresh new look.

Maybe you’re more into DIY ideas and want a natural look for your water feature? A pond kit is a more permanent solution but is completely customizable.

You can even add a little pond to a small front yard garden to really make your landscape pop!

Incorporate the natural surroundings with some native plants, and maybe even add a small seating area and some landscape lighting to draw attention to the area in the evenings. You may just find yourself with a new favorite outdoor area to sit and enjoy nature!

Garden Gate

Add incredible charm to your front yard landscape with a garden gate, arbor or covered walkway. With a little time and the right plan, you can highlight your front walkway all the way up to your front porch and really make a statement!

This simple yet gorgeous garden gate is charming and inviting and the house numbers add a practical touch.

There is nothing quite as lovely as a rose-covered arbor.

Entryway Landscaping

Once the yard and the fence line is looking gorgeous, don’t forget about your entryway.

I just love the small trees and the simple design here. White flowers really help to make a fresh look while the twisted tree trunks add visual interest.

DIY Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Looking at photos like the ones we shared above is a great way to get simple landscaping ideas. Sometimes it’s helpful to learn from those who’ve already done the work so you have a better idea of what to do and what not to do. We’ve gathered up a handful of DIY landscaping projects that you will love. This tips and trick will help you make your project a reality.

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

For The Bees

In the end, if it all seems overwhelming you can take the easy road and leave your yard for the bees and butterflies. Your HOA may not appreciate it but there is something to be said about supporting nature and wildlife.

Seriously though, if you want a beautiful pollinator garden head over to Growfully to learn everything you need to know about How To Plant a Pollinator Garden.

Which front yard landscaping project will you tackle first?

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas