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Hi and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Today we are going to look at our mudroom laundry room before and after!

Entry bench mudroom


We bought this old house 8 years ago. This is our first home we have purchased and it has been quite the learning experience. Owning your own home opens lots of doors to possibilities of what you can create. But it can also be tricky to figure out exactly what will work for you and your space. We have tried to find a way to make this large room work better for us many times. Until recently it was utter chaos. I’m quite embarrassed to share the before pictures with you but without them I can not express exactly how awful this room truly was. This renovation has made our lives so much more organized and the space completely functional.

Our Chaotic Space ‘Before’ Breakdown

Our Mudroom Laundry Room Before & After 1 Bj2vAtY8RQGC4bs4651isg 1 e1546812034586 The Old Summers Home Welcome to The Old Summers Home Mudroom Laundry Room Before & After post. Here you will see a sneakpeak of what went into making this room part of our home.

This is what you would see immediately when walking into our home. Two rows of hooks on the side wall for all five of us to use. My washer and dryer immediately in view and constantly being covered in back packs, mail and anything in our hands when we walked in. Which of course would just fall onto the floor meaning constant picking up and no where to put it. The breaker box is in the top left corner and well, its UGLY! The paint in this room we never touched because I couldn’t bring myself to waste painting such a terrible space haha.

At one time I was a seamstress and did all of my work in this room too! There were shelves and desks and pegboards everywhere. I gave my oldest daughter the boot upstairs and took over her little room off of our living room.

Mudroom Laundry room 'before' picture from far side of room

I attempted moving the washer and dryer to the other wall but it was just in the way even more for the entry way. Here you can see that ugly breaker box in all it’s glory ?. At this stage I had started packing everything up to get ready for our plan of action so a bit more chaos than normal.

But in all honesty this room has always been utter chaos. Don’t judge me I just truly had no idea how to make it better and we tried so many different layouts over the years.

Finally I turned my Pinterest boards into my inspiration for this remodel. After a few weeks of hard work we finally have a space we are proud to call our own. These are the after shots!.


Entry way bench and shiplap walls-The Old Summers Home
Mudroom Laundry Room ‘After’

Our Mudroom Laundry Room After

mudroom laundry room after picture showcasing custom bench and shiplap walls
Our customized shiplap wall bench area.

We built a bench, shiplap walls (with lots and lots of hooks) and shelving on top for extra storage and of course DECOR! I used some pretty baskets to give each of us a space for our mitts, toques, keys etc. Larger baskets for all the spares (we have so many spares for the kids who constantly lose their winter gear). Fresh paint finally gives this room a show-stopping look as soon as you enter. It’s so much brighter in here even with the lights off thanks to the paint upgrade. I truly love how our breaker box is now completely out of sight and yet easily accessible! Huge thanks to my clever husband Josh (he even used shiplap to create the enclosure and I didn’t have to ask him hahaha).

We finished off the room by adding trim that we made out of plywood to continue our shiplap farmhouse feel. (Bonus huge money saver and you can customize your widths too). It gives it an almost modern farmhouse feel if there is such a thing haha.

entry way view from door towards laundry room

Now, this once storage-chaotic area is open and bright. We have the fridge behind the door obstructing the view of the laundry area this helps to keep the fridge out of sight for those stopping in at the door quickly. Later on, I would like to add some guest hooks beside the fridge here and I haven’t decided what to build for our extra shoe storage for this area quite yet.

Our laundry room area after shot

My favourite DIY project of this Room

My herringbone table we custom made to fit our laundry room

The herringbone laundry room table I built to fit this space and our needs. It provides plenty of surface room for folding laundry and even adding a bit of decor. There is storage for extra laundry baskets underneath. It is 2 feet wide by 4 feet long the perfect size for the area still allowing the dryer and basement doors to fully open without needing to move the table.

Our Mudroom/Laundry Room makeover has really changed how we live in our house. We are so much more organized and when we come home from a long day I love walking into this bright and inviting room.

Finished laundry area- The Old Summers Home

Now I love to do laundry in my new area. It’s everything I wanted and more. I have so much storage space for all our laundry needs with the extra cabinets we installed. (Bonus free cabinets that just needed a bit of TLC) I love the look of the pallet wall and how the table helps bring this whole space together. Walking into the house I finally feel at home. I have so many more ideas for the decor and lighting and this and that yet haha.

Be sure to follow along and check out the DIY posts that helped create this new addition to our home, like our DIY Pallet Wall or The Herringbone table breakdown.


Until next time;

Jenn Summers

The Old Summers Home