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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. I’m so excited to announce that we are interviewing Rose of Rose Abbas Photography. Rose Abbas Photography is based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan and people come from far and wide to get a session with Rose and her amazing talent behind the camera.

Rose and I have been friends ever since we met at our MFM office (high-risk pregnancy doctor) while we were both pregnant with twins! It has been a crazy six years and boy do we have stories we could share hahaha.

Rose has 7 children, yes that is right, 7 children! Whom are all amazing and although I think Rose is completely crazy, she has done an amazing job raising all of them.

Introduction of Rose Abbas Photography 

Cake Smashes photographed by Rose Abbas Photography and shared on The Old Summers Home during her showcase interview!

Rose has been operating in Saskatoon for the past 5 years. Because of our friendship, I have had the opportunity to see all of her incredible photoshoots over that time. From cake smashes to newborns she has the kiddos covered and her Christmas Scenes… Oh, my word! you ain’t never seen anything like this before!

You can find Rose Abbas Photography on Facebook, as of right now this her sole marketing tool and where she books all of her clients (Website coming this Spring!!!!)

Rose also showcases some of her talents on her Instagram page, be sure to head on over and give her a follow.

Right now, Rose has Christmas Sessions going on and I can’t wait to share more about those in the interview so let’s get started!

Rose Abbas Photography Interview Q & A

Q: How long have you been interested in photography as a hobby and as a business?

A: As you mentioned above I’m going into my 5th year in Saskatoon, however, I have dabbled with photography over the years. These last few years are when I have been able to get serious and have the opportunity for my own amazing studio.

I also have a husband who fully supports me in my endeavours which is essential when running a business while raising a family.

Q: Do you do this full time, part-time or as a side hustle/hobby?

A: Hahaha, more then full time for sure, there are a lot of hours that go on behind the scenes. My passion for photography is a huge part of my life, therefore, I’m always seeing inspiration in the world all around me.

Q: What are your goals for Rose Abbas Photography in the next 1-3 years?

A: On to bigger and better things, new ideas and features and building from there. I am very excited about what’s yet to come.

This sounds exciting can’t wait to get the inside scoop!

Q: What is your greatest achievement or proudest accomplishment that you have already achieved with Rose Abbas Photography?

A: Running a sustainable business and doing what I love. Concentrating on the areas I love most and being successful at it.

But what truly makes me the happiest and proudest are my client’s reactions, sharing their memories with them and capturing them in these moments.

Q: What are your main focuses for growing your business?

Newborn Sessions are one of Rose Abbas Photography's specialties come see more about this blossoming photographer in her interview with The Old Summers Home

A: My main goal is focusing in on children photography, covering many areas, from cake smashes to fine art composites. These are the moment parents want to treasure and cherish for the rest of their lives.

This is what I absolutely love to focus on and I’m working on putting together many new exciting things together.

Q: Where do you promote your photo sessions and your photography business?

A: Facebook is my main focus of advertising. Referrals are a huge part of my success!

Oh yes for sure, nothing beats a happy customer. Word of mouth goes a long long way in business!

 Q: Do you have a storefront or a permanent physical address?

A: I am so fortunate to have a great studio space and I love to find a great field or river for the perfect outdoor sessions.

The great thing about photography is it goes with you wherever you go.

Q: If so, where is Rose Abbas Photography located?

A: I operate out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and my studio is located in the Lawson Heights area.

Q: What or who inspired you to take your photography journey?

A: My children were my main reason and have given me the opportunity to begin my journey. My Aunt and Uncle are big supporters as they dabble in this craft as well.  

Q: Do you have any big events happening right now at Rose Abbas Photography?

The Old Summers Home interviews Rose Abbas Photography and it's an interview you do not want to miss. Her 4 scene Christmas Sessions have helped put her Saskatchewan based business on the map!

A: Absolutely! Christmas sessions!

This is my biggest, busiest time of the year. I love to create and build new sets for my clients. It gives me the opportunity to get creative!

I always try to put a different twist on how I do my sessions, whether it’s my 3 tier pricing, or that I offer 4 different sets at one time so my clients can choose any or all.

Also, I love to add a bit of magic to their sessions as well. 

I love that you have different packages and 4 scenes! Can you elaborate a bit more about your 4 Christmas scenes? This doesn’t seem like a standard thing that photographers offer, therefore, I have to ask, what made you decide to take this venture?

A: There are so many beautiful ideas, I can’t choose just one, and my clients shouldn’t have to either. I am able to set 4 scenes up at once, so why not. Somethings you need to think outside the box and offer different things and for me, this is one of those things.

Do you have any openings in your Christmas sessions yet? If so, what is the deadline to get in on that?

A: I have 4 spots left for next weekend (November 23rd and 24th) and a few during that week. I may be opening the following weekend (November 30th) if the demand is there. I book up very quickly but I really hate to turn people away.

Thank you, Rose, for the interview!

Thank you so much, Rose, for taking part in this interview. It has been amazing to get this opportunity to share a bit about you and your photography business with our readers.

If you’re looking for an amazing newborn photography book with Rose Abbas Photography and you will be incredibly happy!

I love and can totally relate to children being the inspiration for finding your passion. We also have gone through some pretty major career changes ourselves since having children.

I definitely can not wait to see your completed Christmas sessions and get into the studio with you one day! That would make an amazing update to this post!

Rose Abbas Photography 2020 Upcoming Sessions

Some of Rose’s upcoming sessions for 2020!

An Interview By The Old Summers Home Featuring Rose Abbas Photography. A look into the astonishing eye of professional child photographer!

Make sure to check out her biz page and Instagram to see her past work. I guarantee that you will be wowed!

  • Valentines Sessions
  • Paint with me
  • Glitter Sessions
  • Tea party sessions
  • Travel with me Sessions
  • Spring & Easter
  • and so much more…

Book now so you don’t miss out on these!

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Thank you all so much for coming today I hope you are truly amazed by Rose Abbas Photography, I know I sure am! Stay tuned for more great interviews featuring other artists, crafters and small business owners. It has been my pleasure to share this interview with all of you!

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