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Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. Every crafter, hobbyist, woodworker and contractor needs a hardware store and having one within a block or two from home is quite an extra perk haha. Today I am going to tell you all about our local Home Hardware right here in little old Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. There is nothing I love more than wandering the aisles of our local store awaiting inspiration, and when inspiration hits it is truly a beautiful thing. There is much to inspire from within their large store situated at 110 Main Street, Spiritwood. I’m always amazed at all the things to discover.

They open nice and early making it easier for contractors to get a jump start on their workday. Spiritwood Home Hardware is open Monday to Saturday every week (of course with the exception of stat holidays) from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. There is always one of the owners around so even the most complicated tasks can be taken care of at any time. They work hard to ensure that their customers are satisfied and getting the best quality they can provide.

A Bit of History Behind Spiritwood Home Hardware

The site of Spiritwood Home Building Centre has quite the history behind it. In 1928 the site was developed as Permack’s which was a general store and continued to be until 1975 when it became Spiritwood Building Products. It wasn’t until the mid 80’s that it became Spiritwood Home Building Centre. In 1997 a new addition was added on to the back of the old building. This addition would be the new business headquarters while the front was demolished and the new storefront under construction. Permack’s old general store was much like a landmark for the people in the Spiritwood area, therefore, it was a bit sad for some to see it go. However, there was much anticipation for a new building to brighten up Mainstreet!

Construction was completed and the grand opening was quite the success. They held a free BBQ outback, which I can actually still remember to this day. They served ostrich and bison on a bun as I recall, it was the first time I had ostrich, subsequently makes it quite memorable for me.

One of my favourite memories as a child was going to the hardware stores with my grandfather. He would pick up some little hardware trinket and then go home and make a go-cart or doll stroller for us. He was the only man I ever saw who could use a crazy carpet for many purposes haha. Perhaps my love for woodworking stems from those childhood memories and the home hardware store visits.

Spiritwood Home Hardware Staff

The staff at our local home hardware are absolutely incredible. They have grown accustomed to my wanders and always love to hear what I am planning. They also have amazing advice which, well let’s face it, every girl needs a little help sometimes.

Spiritwood Home Building Centre has quite a large staff. They all have their uniqueness to add to the store and the lumber yard. When you shop there you can be sure to be greeted with a smile and have a good laugh or two.

Some are experts in gardening, and others are experts in the paint section. Some know their lumber like the back of their hand and others their plumbing. Regardless of who you talk to you will be served with great advice and if by chance they don’t know, they will find someone who does.

Spiritwood Home Hardware RTM Homes

Recently Spiritwood Home Hardware moved its RTM (Ready To Move) site just outside of town, along the Rabbit Lake highway. These custom made homes are everything you can imagine. Built on-site and moved to their forever location. This is quite the operation and they handle the task remarkably. From the ground up to location move, to finish. This truly is an amazing way to build your dream home.

One of beautiful RTM homes by Spiritwood Home Hardware.

A few weeks ago they were building one of the most beautiful cabins I ever saw. These beams stole my heart! Of course, I stopped to get some pictures to share with you. Luckily I stopped when I did because it was moved to its forever location lakeside shortly after. I am not jealous at all! 😉

A custom wrap around deck that we had the opportunity to build once the Spiritwood Home Hardware RTM was moved to its forever home. Deck by JS Overhaul Contracting

We, JS Overhaul Contracting, actually have had the privilege of building this wrap-around deck on this RTM cabin! Above is the beautiful cabin on its new lake property with its completed deck. The horizontal railing is quite a new modern trend and I really love the open feel it provides. The brown treated wood looks stunning with the beams on the cabin front! This deck is the perfect size to enjoy with family and friends. We really loved being a part of this project.

A two-storey RTM under construction by Spiritwood Home Building Centre

I had the opportunity to swing out and check out the newest RTM that is underway. This one is a two-story building being built. They were actually putting the roof on yesterday so I quickly took a few pics to show you. I did not realize they also did two-story RTM’s, that is so amazing!

RTM’s Are Great for Our Community!

Ready To Move Homes are great for the community, they help to circulate new money into our community and provide work for numerous trades. These homes are built here and moved wherever they need to go. Spiritwood Home Building Centre is filled with people wanting to help you get the very best and meet your needs. If you are thinking of a custom home or cabin, stop in and watch your dreams come true!

What’s in the Home Hardware Store?

I want to tell you about my favourite sections of the store, the sections that inspire me to get my craft on. So let’s take a tour of our Spiritwood Home Building Centre, our local Home Hardware!

Spiritwood Home Hardware our local home building centre

Spiritwood Home Hardware Build A Window Software

This really is not a section but this is an absolutely amazing tool to help create custom windows. When doing window quotes for customers it can be quite time-consuming. This computer program really helps speed things up. It allows you to input all of the details whether it is a reno window or a new build. You define all the metrics of building the custom window. Don’t worry they do all the computer work. Within a few minutes, you have a custom-designed window and price. No waiting on emails and callbacks from the suppliers. How cool is that?!? Don’t forget if you don’t know where to start with ordering windows you can have one of their team members come out and measure them for you!

The Paint Boutique Section

What girl doesn’t love the paint section of a hardware store? Well, this girl absolutely loves the paint boutique! There are over 4 aisles of painting products, which makes it a creative haven nestled away in its own corner of the store! I love to check out the new paints and stains that become available to us locals. They do a pretty good job keeping up with the latest products. They are always willing to check and see if it is available to order in too!

The paint boutique in Spiritwood Home hardware our local home building centre.

This is where I discovered Chalked by Rustoleum and I have used the Linen White on so many of my projects. This paint goes far and gives the perfect finish every time. It is great for distressing and leaves a smooth finish. I used this paint on my Victorian Chair Makeover and could not be happier with the results!

Don’t forget to sign up for their Free Paint Program! Buy 6 get one free! I love getting free stuff and especially when it is for things I already use and love! Home Hardware has amazing quality paint in so many different colour options. Can’t remember the shade of paint you used? If it’s not in their system under your profile, bring in a sample and they will help you colour match it!

The Hardware Section

You’re probably wondering why on earth would you love the hardware section?!? Well believe it or not it seems to be where I find most of my inspiration! Such as the hinges that inspired me to make my Farmhouse Shutters. Or the bulk hooks that inspired me to go crazy in our Mudroom with loads of hooks for everyone!

A view from upper home decor balcony overlooking the entire Home Hardware main floor!

If you’re like me then even the smallest most random hardware parts can generate amazing ideas! If you can’t find what you are looking for they can help you track down exactly what you need! I can’t tell you how many projects have been inspired in this section of the store! I think Josh would like to ban me from this part of the store because I’m always creating more ‘work’ haha.

The Home Decor Boutique!

The home decor boutique found in Spiritwood Home Hardware our loccal home building centre.

Well, this is a Blog all about Home Decor, so naturally, I love the home decor boutique of our Spiritwood Home Hardware! A large corner of the store is dedicated to home decor as well as the upstairs balcony! There are so many great finds in this part of the store. If you are looking for a great gift then this is the perfect spot to find something just right. Last year for Christmas, Josh and the girls bought me this beautiful sign from the Home Decor section. It fits perfectly into my farmhouse laundry room.

My beautiful sign my family bought me from the Spiritwood Home Hardware last Christmas fits perfectly in my farmhouse laundry room makeover

The Lumber Yard!

The lumber yard behind the hardware store part of the outdoor storage is also attached to the main building.

The lumber yard is where you will find all wood products and larger items. Spiritwood Home Hardware stocks a lot of things in the indoor and outdoor yard. If they don’t have it in stock, no worries. If ordered by Thursday then they can usually have it by the following Friday!

In the large storage building, they keep all sorts of items. Items such as siding, plywood and my absolute favourite wood, Laminated pine shelving. I used this wood for my Entryway bench as well as my wrap around pantry shelves. You can find laminated pine in a lot of our projects around the house because I love it that much! It is absolutely gorgeous finished wood.

Check out your local Home Hardware Today!

If you’re in the Spiritwood area make sure to stop in and check out all the new things. With the seasons changing so is the storefront, nows the time to get in on their fall sale! If you bring your kiddos along they will enjoy a sucker. Our girls don’t mind ‘mom’s inspiration shopping’ nearly as much with a sucker in their hand haha. There is nothing like having a local hardware store to create some new memories. I hope my girls remember these visits as I remember my visits with my grandfather.

Be sure to check out the Spiritwood Home Building Centre Facebook Page and give them a like too! You can see the storefront updates as the seasons change!

Have you always wanted to build your dream home? Ready to move homes make it possible to build the home of your dreams . Contact your local home hardware today!

Thank you so much for joining us today and taking this little walk down memory lane with me. I loved being able to share a local store with all of you and now I have to say I really feel like building something haha. Happy crafting!

Until Next Time;

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