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The Mom Spot

The Mom Spot- All things parenting.

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home. When I first started my blog I wanted a place where I could try to find me and my passion again. Something that didn’t define me as a mom and only as a mom as I have felt lost within my identity. I have come to realize that you will never really know me and my passion to help others if you don’t know my mom side and therefore I give to you The Mom Spot!

Here you are going to find the love, the laughter, the tears and the fears of motherhood all neatly tied into The Mom Spot! Being a mom is hard, raising kids is tough! The only people who don’t know that are those perfect moms who don’t have any kids yet hahaha!

So hop on board and buckle up! We are headed to The Mom Spot where things get uncensored, emotional, and sometimes downright comical!

I’m so very excited to bring this new piece of me to the blog! Get ready for The Mom Spot and a whole new element to our Home Decor and Lifestyle Blog!

Thank you for your continued support during our blogging journey we are so happy to have you!

If you would like to contribute to The Mom Spot please feel free to reach me through our contact page!

I hope you enjoy this side of The Old Summers Home and our little family.

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Until next time;


The Old Summers Home

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