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I'm Jenn Summers and I'm thrilled to have you here! I'm a busy mom who loves a good laugh, great food and stunning home decor! Being a busy mom of 3 girls has taught me how to whip up healthy recipes quickly and on a budget! I love to find new ways to use up leftovers and create delicious freezer meals for a quick supper after a long day! Welcome to The Old Summers Home, where I love to teach you how to make stunning home decor projects or find a similar product so you can achieve the same beautiful look too! DIY Tutorials are my specialty! This is my ME time! When you sign up for our newsletter you get access to my latest free files to create your own beautiful decor! My husband, Josh and I have our own construction business for those bigger home renovations projects you don't want to tackle. You can see some of our beautiful work on our JS Overhaul Contracting Page! Life is crazy busy but that is how we love it, so come along on our wild journey and join in on the inspiration

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Come find out a little more about my family and me. Family is everything in our home, therefore, we want to share a bit about ours with you. You can also learn a bit more about what makes me tick and how I became who I am today in our 7 Facts About Me post.  Join us on our journey of taking this old house and turning it into our own little family farmhouse styled home filled with love, laughter and home cooked meals!

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Come see what our family does as a small business! We look forward to working with you! Let us make your dream project a reality!

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Check out The Old  Summers Home Boutique! What you may not know about me is that I made custom apparel for a number of years and I have really missed it! Now  you can shop and find some of my designs right here on our website! We are working on bringing you the latest trendiest styles in our apparel line.

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