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Hi and welcome to The Old Summers home! I’m Jenn Summers, a busy mom of 3, a delicious food enthusiast, a home decor lover, a DIY guru and an entrepreneur! Life is crazy busy and I’m always finding new ways to make life easier! I love to help people and my blog posts are my way to do just that!

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I want to help make life easier whether it be a frugal DIY home decor project, a 30-minute meal or helping you reach your goals and stay motivated! You can find all our blog posts right here!

I don’t always write about the same thing because, well, that could get pretty mundane haha.  And sometimes I come up with a new topic I’m so excited to share I just have to run with it, like our How to conquer your goals post which led to our amazing Goal-Getters Accountability with Jenn Summers facebook group, yay!!!!!

But my focus is always the same! I want to help YOU make life easier and more successful! I’m so glad to have you here and can’t wait to start simplifying our lives together!

If you would like to simplify things a bit in your search for the perfect post to get started use one of our dedicated categories to do so. Now let’s open up the doors for an easier more successful life!

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Deciding how to decorate a girl'd bedroom doesn't have to be hard here are 11 cute and easy ideas to give your little girl a room she loves that will grow with her over the years!

Hello and welcome to The Old Summers Home! This week I’m thrilled to announce a guest post by Karim from Beds Island! I absolutely love to have guest bloggers and Karim is here to share some amazing tips on how to decorate a girl’s bedroom! You are in for a treat. How to Decorate a […]

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